• The stakes

    • The FREMM (Multi-Mission Frigate) is a Franco-Italian project for the second generation of frigates (10 ships) with the most advanced onboard technology
    • Equipping the ship with a reliable and high-performance HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and CBRN (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical) protection system

  • Our solutions

    • Turnkey offer: design, purchase, manufacture in our Lorient workshops, installation and operation of the technical package

    Action zone :
    • Supervision of all equipment to compensate for the more limited number of sailors. This very advanced automation makes it possible to guarantee the availability of the equipment as well as a better responsiveness of intervention;
    • Equipment redundancy of Marenum® = new technology that consumes less energy and is more suited to military environmental conditions (acoustic discretion);
    • 50% energy savings;
    • Reduction of gas emissions by 630 tCO2 eq/year avoided, i.e. the energy consumption of 60 households;