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Decarbonisation of industry: a lever for sustainability and competitiveness

Working towards decarbonisation is no longer an option, it’s an expectation of our society, our customers, our employees and consumers in general.

Equans France provides a global approach, marrying performance and transition to a more sustainable, resilient model of industrial decarbonisation.

How do we decarbonise industry?

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions while meeting production requirements, Equans France has a range of expertise at its disposal, throughout the value chain, adapted to the requirements of manufacturers.

From design to maintenance of installations, Equans France is committed in the long term to providing reliable, effective solutions and guiding you with advice, forward-thinking and our execution capacities.

By acting as an integrator and facilitator, from architecture to financing, Equans France enables manufacturers to hit the ground running on the road to decarbonisation.

accompagnement equans - décarboation industrie

Equans offers related to the decarbonisation of the industry

décarbonation industrie - strategies

Decarbonisation strategy with prioritized roadmap

Equans assists manufacturers in defining their decarbonisation strategy and designing a prioritized roadmap. Our holistic and pragmatic vision allows us to provide an operational strategy in symbiosis with your ecosystem.

Equans analyses internal processes and reviews a wide range of innovative solutions based on our experience.


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