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Nuclear and sensitive environments

The challenges of the nuclear industry

  • Have safe and efficient nuclear infrastructure to provide low-carbon electricity at all times of the day and year

  • Developing the know-how to transform and control nuclear materials, for the climate, for health and for a resource-efficient world, today and tomorrow

  • Pilot and conduct research programs using world-class facilities at the forefront of science and technology

  • Implementing innovative technology solutions contributing to tomorrow's nuclear


  • Meeting the challenges of nuclear deterrence

Historical entities that listen to your needs

Positioned across the entire value chain and throughout the life cycle of nuclear facilities and sensitive environments, Equans through its historical entities in the nuclear industry, offers a wide range of services for engineering, works, maintenance and dismantling.

logo axima

Axima Nuclear

Climate engineering | Refrigeration & process fluids | Fire protection | Maintenance 4.0

logo ineo nucléaire

Ineo Nuclear

Electrical engineering expert | Multi-technical service integrator

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Engineering | Risk Control

Multi-technical expertise meeting the highest technical and regulatory requirements

Equans entities have the necessary and indispensable certifications and qualifications to intervene on nuclear sites whether in the construction, operation or dismantling phase.

1,500 engineers

Controlling utilities, optimizing your performance, including in single configuration, is one of Equans' expertises

Our multidisciplinary engineering is involved in the heart of your facilities' processes: Electrical Systems & Networks - Nuclear Ventilation - Transition Engineering - Safety Programs - BIM & Digital - Energy Performance

10 qualified trades

A range of multi-technical expertise:

Air conditioning engineering - Electrical engineering - Refrigeration and process fluids - Engineering, Testing & Qualification - Site protection - Fire safety - Radiation protection - Automation, instrumentation and control - Electromechanics - TCE projects and multi-technical multi-site maintenance -

2 in-house training centers

Highly skilled trades

1,800 employees are trained at our 2 training centers specialized in electrical and HVAC engineering. Maintaining skills, passing on know-how, and the REX culture enable us to make our projects and interventions ever safer and more efficient.

4 manufacturing workshops, test and maintenance platforms

From one-offs to mid-runs

Accompanied by the design offices, we develop in our manufacturing workshops a range of specific products for applications in accidental, severe and post-accident operating conditions.

Our local agencies have maintenance workshops to meet your demands at any time, and thus guarantee the reliability and durability of your installations' production.


The fields of activity

From the manufacture to the reprocessing of nuclear fuel to the storage of waste, including power generation, nuclear medicine, nuclear deterrence and R&D, Equans via its expert subsidiaries "INEO Nucléaire, Axima Nucléaire and ECIA" has been supporting French and foreign operators in the nuclear industry for more than fifty years, both in France and abroad.

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