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Industry 4.0: Towards the digitalization of our industries

The digital transition of our industries is a strong growth lever. Indeed, the use of digital tools allows, among other things, to optimize installations and to anticipate constraints and events. To position oneself as an ambassador of industry 4.0 allows to benefit from human and technological answers to industrial problems;

Industry 4.0 is based on 3 fundamental pillars

Optimization and anticipation of our processes

The installation of sensors and automats allows instrumentation, automation and the generation of real-time reports. Indeed, the interpretation of this mass of raw data allows the optimization and anticipation of our processes. As part of the Industry 4.0 objectives, the unification of these information systems on a supervision or Hypervision interface allows to improve performance and to have a transverse impact on all stakeholders. The implementation of robotic devices  / cobotics allows the collaborators to gain in productivity and to make the production processes more reliable.

To go further, Industry 4.0 also meets the challenges of anticipation and continuous improvement of production lines. The implementation of algorithmic and intelligent models makes it possible to analyze and interpret the raw data generated by the installations and systems. This immediate analysis allows the anticipation and prediction of future constraints and the simulation of potentially risky events.

The use of intelligent models also allows to act on a growth lever of the company which is the control of the energy performance. This growth lever specific to Industry 4.0 allows any company to control its costs and performance. Faced with environmental challenges, the decarbonization of our industries is taking place on any scale.

EQUANS offers related to Industry 4.0

usine 4.0

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

This supervision tool allows manufacturers to optimize their industrial process in real time by increasing productivity, traceability and quality of their products as close as possible to the demand;

  • Improve production tracking
  • Increase production performance 
  • Make it easier for operators to work on the machine floor
hypervision sur mesure EQUANS

Customized hypervision

The Hypervision tool allows the unification of multi-site and multi-business information systems in order to provide decision support in connection with the reports generated. It also allows to interface and to make communicating the subsets of a production unit while desilting the data.

  • Monitor the activity of several workshops or sites
  • Benchmark the activity of a park
  • Compare and monitor the performance of a park
usine 4.0

Digital twin

The digital twin allows to enhance the value of raw data of industrialists in order to boost the operational performance of their facilities and to simulate future constraints thanks to the implementation of algorithmic models.

  • Simulate the implementation of a production line
  • Simulate risky events
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Train operational teams in tuning and maintenance
connections numériques

Artificial Intelligence

Algorithmic models are able to go much faster than the human brain to analyze, recognize and solve problems. Indeed, the training of these models on large volumes of data allows, among other things, to interpret and anticipate hazards (e.g. Big Data). The implementation of these models allows to:

  • Identify influencing factors 
  • Predict a situation and behavior 
  • Detect defects and drifts 
  • Optimize operational resources


Industrial automation is at the heart of many companies' concerns. Indeed, it allows industrial sites to increase their economic and environmental performance. The design of customized solutions allows to optimize:

  • Production
  • Security
  • Site compliance


The integration of robotics allows us to think and adapt the industrial environment. The objective is to allow a harmonious collaboration for the service and comfort of the men and women who work, our employees;

  • Robot'Ease Custom
  • Robot'Ease Package
  • Le Lab robotique
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