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High technology

The challenges of High Technology Industries

Advanced technologies are the convergence of digital and enabling technologies with the integration of physical and digital systems. In the fields of microelectronics, photovoltaics, aerospace or even batteries, they give life to new innovative processes and the creation of intelligent products and services;.

The development of cutting-edge technologies is a key issue for the future, as they respond to and adapt to societal and environmental challenges.

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High-tech start-up

A single point of contact to support you throughout the value chain of your projects

Cutting-edge expertise for your high-tech industry

Clean rooms

The protection of people and products handled from possible contamination or interaction with non-purified air.


Anhydrous rooms

Your space of very high level of technicality, performing and secured in the respect of the sanitary and security norms.

Process fluids and gases

Support for all process fluids from ultra pure water production, gas and chemical storage, production and distribution of process utilities.


The best choice of materials to guarantee perfect containment of the electrolyte and its storage. Through its expertise in materials chemistry, Equans masters the electrolyte distribution and storage chain. A process that requires real expertise given the extreme instability of this solvent in contact with air;

Recycling of NMP

More sustainable batteries, more responsible manufacturing.


Our specialized teams in Hook-Up of process machines allow to complete the loop of utilities.

They adapt to your needs and to the specificity of each of your projects by providing you with their know-how in the fields of electricity, control, prefabrication in the workshop, on-site assembly, FAT/SAT tests and commissioning.


NMP recovery

Following the coating operation for battery production, the solvent NMP (N-methyl2-pyrrolidone) is recovered with a condenser for reuse in the process;

Effluent treatment

High-tech industries use toxic and dangerous chemicals and gases. Our expertise provides specific solutions to treat these gaseous and liquid effluents.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is based on 3 fundamental pillars

  • The improvement of operational performance
  • The anticipation of risk events &li>
  • The optimization of energy and environmental performance

Decarbonated hydrogen

Low-carbon hydrogen is produced from the electrolysis of water. It is a major lever for decarbonization in the microelectronics, chemical, metallurgy and glass industries.

Innovative technologies for smart factories

  • Guarantee your time to market: secure the design and construction stages to ensure the product's market launch.
  • Ensure the performance of your production in a tense market: ensure the performance of production tools and the respect of production imperatives.
  • Optimize energy consumption: benefit from installations that consume better and less.
  • Respect international norms and standards, technical performance, deadlines and costs.
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