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Data centers

The challenges of data centers

Information and communication technologies require data that travels over data centers and computing centers. These strategic infrastructures enable data storage, processing, backup and protection. With the explosion of digital solutions, the global digital data boom is increasing by 40% per year and the data center market is growing rapidly.

Your issues at the heart of our approach

Expertise and solutions for your data centers

Controlled environment

Our cleanroom and HVAC experts bring you the knowledge and best practices to ensure the level of service (t°, availability) of air conditioning.

Backup electricity

Equans has experts in electricity: transformer, inverters and emergency generator to ensure data center reliability

Heat recovery

The temperature conditioning of a data center releases massive amounts of wasted thermal energy for which Equans masters recovery solutions

An à la carte solution

Equans covers the entire value chain of your data center redesign, expansion, or construction projects:

  • Programming,
  • Design,
  • Engineering and Construction,
  • Operations and Maintenance,
  • Energy Solutions

Our references

bâtiments data centers


Design and construction of 4 data centers and associated buildings + maintenance contract

The issues:

  • Need a partner to carry out the design and construction of 4 data centers and associated buildings (DC01 to DC05 + Administration Building, with DC6 to follow under construction)

Our solutions:

  • Methods engineering, turnkey and replicability
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, control system, underground evacuation system, commissioning, fire safety
  • Procurement and installation of electrical power cables and panels (TGBT, TBQ)
  • Supply and installation of secondary power supplies
  • Supply and installation of access controls, video surveillance, and fire detection
  • HVAC: 100,000 m3/hr; installed power: 70 MVA - cable linear: 5,000 km of power cables - 5,000 smoke detectors
CERN image collision

CERN X Equans

Construction of its new Prévessin-based computing data center

Grouping led by Axima Concept with Inéo and Léon Grosse is designing, building and maintaining over 12 years:

  • Civil Engineering
  • All technical equipment:
    • Secure power supply
    • Bay installations
    • Server power and fiber network
    • Cooling, air handling, heat recovery
    • Security, access control
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