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Equans, leader in rail electrification

Leader in rail electrification, Equans supports the energy transition of territories and promotes sustainable mobility.
We deploy a wide range of solutions to improve the performance, attractiveness and reliability of rail transport, in urban and long-distance environments.
A historical specialist in rail electrification, we also work on road networks (vehicle electrification, static and dynamic charging systems - ERS, etc.)

Railway networks: electrification and power systems

Equans designs, installs, renovates and maintains electrification systems and electrical distribution networks for urban and interurban transportation.

We electrify all types of rail networks:
• catenaries for conventional and high-speed lines
• overhead contact lines for tramways
• metro catenaries - partial electrification systems for low frequency lines - specific 3rd rail (or traction rail) systems for networks with high space constraints, especially in urban areas

Good to know

Our glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite catenary masts are a useful and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional steel masts.

In addition, Equans designs, deploys, manages and maintains the power supply systems for these rail networks:
• electrical substation
• high voltage traction substation
• traction & distribution supply
• low voltage power supply & distribution
• technical energy management system
• electric traction control and command PLC
• phase imbalance management.

News focus
Preventing catenary breaks

Our digital solution SOCRAT (Système Opérationnel de Contrôle de Régularisation des Appareils Tendeurs) enables remote control of catenary and overhead contact lines. It optimizes their efficiency and improves their maintenance. It remotely monitors tensioning devices in real time, detects faults as well as ground movements and, if necessary, immediately alerts operators.

Road networks: towards electrification!

Roads and highways will become increasingly electric, with minimized carbon impact.

Drawing on its long-standing experience in rail transport, Equans also electrifies road networks through intelligent solutions:
• charging stations for heavy vehicles (buses and trucks)
• dynamic refueling via catenaries, to complement static charging systems
• charging management system for electric bus fleets (CMS - charging management system); intelligent depot management; consulting to optimize the life cycle of batteries; driver support.


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