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The stakes of the food industry

The food industry includes companies that transform raw materials (from agriculture, livestock or fishing) into food products intended primarily for human consumption. It is the industry that counts the largest number of companies in France with a wide variety of professions.

This industry is facing new social, societal and environmental challenges.

Aware of the need to preserve biodiversity, agribusiness manufacturers are reinventing their production methods by optimizing their resource management and greening their energy mix.

Agri-food, meet your performance challenges

Performance, price and delivery

With our turnkey and customized offers, we are committed to performance, price and deadlines. Our technological solutions for the food industry combine all our skills, from design to maintenance. You benefit from long-term support, particularly for the financing of your installations.

  • Study - Design - Installation - Commissioning - Maintenance
  • Technical and energy performance
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Financing solutions

Food safety


  • Materials/product: product tracking, traceability, control...
  • Human: robotics/automation
  • Air: power plants, boxes
  • Cold chain


  • Fluids and hoses
  • Cleaning in place
  • Effluent treatment

Process security and optimization


  • Control, hypervision, predictive monitoring
  • Availability of technical facilities



  • Accompaniment in capacity increase
  • Product evolution, new recipe
  • Pasteurization, cooling/freezing and ripening solutions

A single point of contact for the entire value chain

Maximize the performance of your assets, processes and buildings over time!
Our experts support you throughout the entire life cycle of your facilities, from design to operation/maintenance, including financing, qualification and construction.

Cutting-edge expertise for the agri-food industry

Controlled environments

Protecting people and products handled from possible contamination or interactions with non-purified air.


The answer to the challenges of securing the cold chain, optimizing operations, energy and environmental performance.

Process fluids

For your production equipment: preparatory skids and formulations, CIP/SIP, decontamination as well as the use of all types of process fluids and utilities.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is based on 3 fundamental pillars which are:

  • Improving operational performance
  • Anticipating risky events
  • Optimizing energy and environmental performance

Focus on: airflow, a parietal diffuser for cleanrooms

Patented solution by ENGIE Solutions, the BC unidirectional laminar flow diffuser allows to protect a restricted process area without having to condition the volume of the clean room. Mainly used in the food industry, the BC diffuser guarantees the ultra-cleanliness around a confined process up to ISO4 on the protected areas.

Towards a virtuous agri-food industry

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