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Real estate

What do we expect of buildings in 2021?

Whether in the office, at home, or in a hotel, shop, concert hall, sports hall, municipal building or healthcare establishment, we expect perfect ventilation, a comfortable temperature, suitable lighting, effective and secure connectivity, consideration for the environment and controlled energy performance.

In places such as stations, airports, logistics warehouses or industrial sites, our expectations are the same. Wherever we are, for the people and products in them, we want comfortable, connected, safe, sustainable, efficient and high-performance buildings. We want smart buildings!

Our experts

At Equans France, in the Smart Building Division, our experts design and integrate high-tech solutions and together have all the expertise our service sector and industrial clients need to support them in their energy, industrial and digital transformations.

From the design stage right through to maintenance, they work on the climate and electrical installations of new or older buildings. They are also able to intervene as a co-developer, general contractor or expert in the design and creation of BIM models. They are always on hand for our customers.

Our offers for smart buildings

Scalable, connected and communicating buildings.

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Our solutions and services

Integration and maintenance

  • Electrical engineering,
  • Climate engineering/HVAC,
  • Safety and Security,
  • CTM-BMS, BIM, hypervision,
  • IT and Telecommunications.

Building energy renovation

Digitalisation of uses

Support for the Service Sector Eco-Energy Initiative

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The service sector eco-energy initiative sets ambitious targets and establishes a global approach for meeting energy consumption reduction obligations.

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, Equans supports you every step of the way, identifying, performing, financing and monitoring performance actions suited to our environment, and is committed to meeting targets.

Support for compliance with the BACS decree

The law will make it mandatory from 1 January 2025 to install and maintain a BACS (Building Automation Control System), also known as a Building Management System (BMS). All new and existing non-residential service sector buildings that have an air conditioning or heating system with a rated power greater than 290 kW are affected.

A BMS connects and manages a building’s equipment (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, lifts, access, etc.). This helps significant energy savings to be made. Discover our BMS offer: advice, installation and integration, training and maintenance.

BACS decree

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Energetic performance

Building Management System (BMS)

La GTB, une solution qui optimise les flux d’énergies

Smart building

Equans : Spécialiste du Smart Building
Smart building

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