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HVAC: combining comfort with technical and energy excellence

HVAC engineering and thermal equipment contribute to the general well-being of building occupants, as well as to the preservation of a work of art or the guarantee of healthy air for a hospital patient. EQUANS France has a long history of expertise in this field;

Responding to the ever-increasing need for air control and regulation on behalf of clients with diverse profiles (tertiary, maritime and hospital sectors; pharmaceutical laboratories and factories; logistics companies, etc.), the Group designs, implements and commissions any project requiring the mastery of climate engineering. But not only that! In addition to technical excellence, there are two essential links in the value and life cycle chain of any system: its operation and maintenance and its energy optimization;


Decarbonization of the building industry

Expert insight - The Tertiary Eco-Energy Scheme (DEET)

Comfort, quality and energy efficiency issues

HVAC engineering includes techniques related to user comfort (heating and cooling, air conditioning) and indoor air quality (renewal and treatment). This technical package, also called HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is one of the most energy-intensive items; it represents 40% of the total energy consumption of a building. To control the energy bill, it is therefore essential to consume resources reasonably and to maintain the installations so that they are in perfect working order. The exemplary nature of the HVAC installations, their sobriety and their optimized operation make it possible to decarbonize the building;

We also assist our clients in the demanding process of building certification, both nationally and internationally: BBC label, BREEAM®, HQE or Leed certification. We bring our perfect knowledge of the specific regulations for high-rise buildings (IGH) and establishments receiving the public (ERP);

Digital technology, the armed wing of environmental performance

Thanks to digital technology, we consider the building as a set of installed and interconnected systems. We make it possible to manage it in a rational and personalized way. Our digital building management solutions enable our customers to benefit from efficient means to increase the performance of their facilities, reduce their consumption and optimize their environmental footprint. The combination of Bim, BMS, and the Building Operating System (Bos) allows us to create the "digital twin of the building" and to prepare the essential basis for the long-term use of information to optimize its use.
So-called "intelligent" buildings integrate this living and evolving model. As such, the ability to make systems interoperable, to capture data and analyze it for value, is fundamental to managing the building's resources as a whole. We speak of digital heritage, smart building or digital assets of the building.




EQUANS Digital Solutions

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Electrical engineering

Work on the modernization and efficiency of buildings

To ensure the entire value chain of this most technical of building trades

Thanks to its historical know-how as an installer, EQUANS France stands out for its ability to handle all the techniques that make a building come alive. Heating, ventilation, regulation, atmosphere and hygrometry control, air direction through pressure cascades, air conditioning, smoke extraction and plumbing are part of our business. The Group is involved in the entire value chain to optimize the performance of installations, from the design study phase to implementation and operation/maintenance, in the tertiary sector, health care, data centers, education, government and guardianship, hotels, leisure and retail markets, etc.

All the contributors and interlocutors are highly qualified. Their technical mastery allows autonomy in decision making and reactivity in execution.

Experts in project management, we extend our offer to work contracts in macro-lots integrating to the climatic engineering, the realization of the plumbing lots, fire protection, electrical engineering (strong and weak currents) or smart for the Technical Management of the building (GTB) or Centralized Technical Management (GTC).


With a specialized unit in energy efficiency and environment, we manage the commissioning process to guarantee the performance level of the building, its quality of use and the control of the operating cost.


In addition to HVAC maintenance and air treatment, EQUANS France provides multi-technical maintenance services for the management of high and low voltage systems (CFO-CFA), fire detection and protection, building enclosures, etc;

Key figures

local agencies
employees, including 600 dedicated to engineering

Key figures

local agencies
employees, including 600 dedicated to engineering

Presence throughout the territory

What the experts say

With the rise in energy prices, the need to manage resources, and our customers' greater attention to energy consumption, our business is taking on its full nobility.
Olivier Dumas
EQUANS France covers the entire value chain of a building - design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance - and offers complementary, yet essential, advantages by specializing in digital solutions. Thus, our customers benefit from support in reducing their consumption and their environmental footprint thanks to digital building management tools and the know-how of our engineers and technicians.
Christian Fagoo
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