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Process fluids and gases: what are the implications?

The process fluid is a product essential in many industries. But what is it used for? And what can Equans France do for your company in terms of process fluids? Let’s take a look at some key information.

What is the process fluid?

The process fluid is an essential product used with a view to optimising the industrial process. Water, steam, oil, compressed air, gaseous discharges... a process fluid can take many forms depending on the business sector and the machines concerned. From the food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to the chemicals industry, the process fluid turns up in a wide variety of industries. 

The fluids are often particularly aggressive, which is why a dedicated network has to be constructed. This also means that certain components have to be chosen carefully. They can be single or double envelope, with higher or lower interior and exterior quality, like the thimbles, which must be made from resistant materials. 

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