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Public safety: Digital technology for the well-being of citizens

From video protection to flood risk prevention

No. 1 in public peace and quiet with 15,000 cameras installed and remotely controlled, EQUANS France offers more than 700 cities in France the best technologies to make their territories safe and attractive;

For communities, there are many issues at stake in ensuring urban benevolence :

  • To help protect people and property
  • Limit traffic accidents through dynamic lighting
  • To assist police interventions Determine the origin of a malicious act
  • Optimize the removal of doubt
  • Assist traffic flow control

By speeding up intervention times, reducing the risks of aggression, degradation and cyber-attack, anticipating the risks of malicious acts, fire and intrusion, we increase the protection of all, ensure the serenity of everyone and improve the quality of life of the citizens.


Adapting to the temporality and needs of communities

By going so far as to propose artificial intelligence solutions, the Group assists its clients in the deployment of video protection, warning stations, video tickets for illegal parking, water level sensors, school prevention plans (PPMS), and security during specific events.
Connecting a territory also means imagining a dialogue between the public and private spheres. EQUANS France helps local authorities with optimal services at reasonable costs, by using the transversality of the expertise offered.


EQUANS France brings its know-how, its technical mastery but also its consulting capacity in :

  • deployment of communication infrastructures (broadband or wireless) and their active equipment;
  • deployment of processing and storage infrastructure ;
  • deployment of alert system ;
  • vision software and hypervision center ;
  • integration of solutions (subject to APSAD rules: R80, 82, 83, allowing a reduction in insurance prices for the client) ;
  • maintenance ;
  • training of operators ;
  • system integration and client software interface customization.
An intelligent territory is a territory that offers services to its citizens. It reacts according to its events (festivities or everyday life), its actors and its very configuration to meet the challenges of public tranquility and mobility.
Pascal Agostini
The intelligent territory is not a plural concept: it adapts to the time frame, to the needs of citizens and to the challenges of a city or a community.
Pascal Agostini

- Market leader in public tranquility
- 700 references in public tranquility market
- Coleader in the creation of intelligent territories


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