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Smart cities and smart territories: expanding the field of possibilities

Geolocating an emergency vehicle to intervene quickly, remotely controlling traffic lights to solve a traffic jam, adjusting the lighting of a street or a neighborhood to the right level... The city of the future is being prepared step by step, serving the needs and well-being of all;

The digital transition of territories is done through projects whose impact is quickly measurable through a mutualized management for large-scale projects. They respond to new uses and therefore new needs, and open up a wide and promising field of possibilities;

Public lighting

Innovating in consumption and use

- Limit traffic accidents through dynamic lighting,
- Secure the path of schoolchildren, pedestrians and cyclists,
- Illuminate a monument

Lighting is an integral part of the city and enhances it. A source of comfort and safety at night, it is also a source of nuisance and energy consumption. It favors the economic development of the territories but is the first item of electricity consumption of a municipality.
Public lighting represents some 9 million light points in France, 41% of a community's resource consumption and 4% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) on a national scale. More than half of the equipment is obsolete. In order to meet their major budgetary and ecological challenges, local authorities can now invest with EQUANS France in intelligent public lighting;

Public safety

Digital technology for the well-being of citizens

- Traveling safely
- Choosing low-carbon modes of transportation
- Be an active participant in your city and suggest future developments - Report incidents in order to make your city more attractive

To report incidents in order to make your city more attractive
There are many services to ensure public peace and quiet in the municipalities. The pooling of infrastructures is a project that motivates EQUANS France teams as well as local and regional teams at the heart of the challenges facing their territory and their city.



Mobility management

Supporting new uses



Mobility is a central component of the attractiveness of a territory and is at the crossroads of various local issues. To help cities and local authorities meet these challenges, EQUANS France supports its clients with sustainable and competitive solutions based on:
- Urban transport and parking management,
- Greening of local authorities' fleets
- Electric vehicle recharging infrastructures (IRVE);

In addition to our integrated vision, our dense network of local offices ensures that we have a thorough understanding of the unique mobility challenges faced by each community.



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