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Connected cities and territories: a new era is beginning

What is a territory, if not a living ecosystem, where everything is linked, interconnected and interdependent, from the local community to the company? This is increasingly true, at a time when everything is networked... And above all, at a time when we need to work together to meet systemic challenges of unprecedented scope and complexity. The second wave of the energy transition, driven not only by the State, but also by local authorities, is confronting them with issues that combine the urgency of the climate with the imperatives of competitiveness and quality of life for citizens;

  • Rethinking electrical networks to make them more efficient and better adapted to everyday use;
  • Supply a territory with low-carbon energy
  • Securing a city for the well-being of all
  • Digitize, repair...

Every day, EQUANS France works alongside its private and public clients to design connected, low-energy cities and territories;.

Through the plurality of its skills, capacities and fields of intervention, EQUANS France builds global and sustainable solutions while committing itself to their results. Through its territorial coverage, the Group is close to its clients to meet their specific needs throughout the project life cycle;

Smart cities and smart territories

Increasing the scope of possibilities

Connected territories respond through technology and innovation to the many challenges of urbanization, resource scarcity and climate change. Reducing energy costs by 80%, renovating obsolete vehicles, limiting the stagnation of cars and traffic jams, and therefore CO2... EQUANS France works hand in hand with local authorities and industries, and federates its skills and those of other players to make new uses possible, to develop another model for cities and territories, with the constant concern to reduce the impact of activities on the environment.


Protecting people and data

Using advanced tools that enable data collection and cross-referencing, we create new services to meet the challenges of tomorrow in risk analysis, cybersecurity and security infrastructure; Data protection, network security... territories and the companies that make them up are today faced with new challenges that require complex protection systems. We support them in all their needs. We rely on solid industrial know-how, cross-disciplinary skills and a global mastery of the entire value chain in order to offer customized, turnkey solutions that are best suited to the uses of the territories;

Information and Communication Technology

Connecting territories and inhabitants

In order to increase their attractiveness, their autonomy and the quality of life of increasingly connected and demanding citizens, cities and regions are turning to technology to optimize their services. Network and radio technologies are helping to relieve congestion in cities and represent a major area of development. With the massive use of teleworking and the exodus of people from cities during the pandemic, fiber and radio networks will be essential and complementary to ensure good connectivity throughout France.
Finishing the last mile with radio networks to reach towns and villages not covered by fiber is one of the key issues to make French territories more attractive and connected.



Deploying complex infrastructures to ensure territorial resilience

Networks are an essential link to the well-being of all. They provide access to energy and water in our cities and villages. Without them, no distribution is possible. Faced with the need to modernize existing networks and infrastructures, and as drivers in the production of renewable energy, cities and regions must offer solutions to reinforce their attractiveness and support new uses, particularly the expansion of electric mobility. EQUANS France has a long history of expertise and technical excellence in the design, installation and maintenance of networks. In order to offer optimal comfort to the inhabitants of cities and rural areas, the Group carries out network burial works, which have multiple benefits, from the consequent reduction of maintenance needs to the assurance of a harmonious urban landscape;

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