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Management of cookies

1 – What is a cookie ?

During your visit to our Site, a cookie may be automatically installed on your browser, subject to the choices you have made and which you can modify at any time. A cookie is generally transmitted by a site's server to your browser.

It contains several pieces of information, including the name of the server that deposited it, a unique identifier number, the pages and tabs you clicked on, the type of browser you are using, and an expiration date. Cookies have different functions, for example, recording information about the user's navigation on the site (audience measurement, etc.).

Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read, record or modify the information it contains.

By continuing your reading, you will be informed about the cookies that are likely to be deposited on your terminal as well as the methods of exercising your parameterization preferences.

2 – What cookies are used on our Site?

In order to ensure the best possible user experience, we use internal cookies. These are cookies that we issue and that are strictly necessary for the operation of our Site or to enable us to establish statistics on the use of our Site.

During your navigation on our Site, third-party cookies may also be placed on your terminal by third-party companies, for the purposes described below, subject to your choice.

A. Internal cookies

We are the issuer of internal cookies ("first party"). This category includes functional cookies and performance cookies.

Functional cookies
These are cookies that are essential for browsing the Site, for accessing its features and for identifying any operating errors. Without these cookies, the site could not function normally. Their deletion would significantly limit the fluidity of navigation.

Performance cookies
Although not essential to navigation on the Site, these cookies make it possible to optimize its operation and to enhance your navigation by memorizing, for example, information relating to a form that you have filled out on the Site or the display preferences of your terminal (resolution, operating system, etc.) or to offer you personalized services and content. In addition, the use of this type of cookie makes it possible to establish statistics on the number of visitors to our Site and thus to improve navigation in our spaces.

B. Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are deposited by third-party companies when you visit our Site. The issuance and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the cookie policies of the third party companies concerned.

Performance Cookies
The Site uses cookies to count and differentiate visits and/or to limit the number of simultaneous requests. These cookies allow our partners to establish statistics which we use to measure the number of visits and improve the ergonomics of our Site. To carry out these various statistical analyses, we use Google Analytics tags.

Sharing cookies
In addition, the social plug-ins that exist on our Site make it possible to share content on different social networks (Twitter and LinkedIn) or to send the link by e-mail. When you use these sharing buttons, a third-party cookie is installed to link the content viewed on our Site with your user account on the targeted social network.

Advertising Cookies
Third-party companies may deposit cookies in order to identify your centers of interest based on the content consulted on our Site and thus personalize the advertising offer that is sent to you outside our site. These cookies may be deposited when you browse our Site or when you open the emails we send you. We ensure that the partner companies process the information collected on the Site in accordance with our instructions, in compliance with the regulations.

3 – How to set cookies?

In general, your choices regarding cookies can be made from your browser.

Internal cookies (see above) can be set online directly on our Site. Third-party cookies must be set by visiting the issuing site (see below) or the European platform designed for this purpose (see below).

A. Setting up your browser

When you access the ENGIE Solutions Site for the first time, your browser will inform you that cookies are likely to be deposited in your terminal. This information will be visible in a banner. You will then be asked either to accept the cookies as set by default or to configure your browser according to your preferences or from our site.

The configuration of your browser is described in the help menu of your browser. As an example :

  • For Chrome™
  • For Firefox™
  • For Internet Explorer™
  • For Safari™
  • For Opera™

The setting operation can take place both before the installation of cookies in your terminal, and after their installation.

Please note that if your browser, or browser version, is not listed here, you can go to the publisher's website for more information.

Depending on the browser, several options are available. The user can accept cookies partially or in their entirety, delete existing cookies, block only certain categories of cookies or refuse any cookie deposit by the Site. This maneuver must be carried out on each navigation support with which the user is likely to navigate on our Site.

We suggest that you manage cookies taking into account their purpose as we have previously described it. Indeed, refusing cookies could affect certain areas and/or the fluidity of navigation on the Site, for which we cannot be held responsible.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that if you refuse the installation of any cookie, a refusal cookie will be installed on your terminal. This refusal cookie is the basis for taking your wishes into account. If you delete all cookies stored on your terminal, including the refusal cookie, we will no longer know that you have chosen such an option.

Finally, for your complete information, the CNIL provides a practical guide to setting cookies at the following address :

B. Setting up from our site

You can set the parameters of the cookies that we deposit on your terminal when you first connect to our Site or by clicking on this link.

Cookie Settings

C. Setting from third party sites and/or dedicated platforms

Setting of performance cookies
In order to configure and manage the use of third-party cookies according to your preferences, you can go directly to the sites of these third parties and in this case to Google Analytics.

Setting of advertising cookies
Advertising professionals provide cookie management platforms to facilitate the management of third-party advertising cookies that may be deposited on your digital terminals.

Setting up sharing cookies
You can set this category of cookies by going directly to the social networks in question.

  • For cookies set by Facebook
  • For cookies set by Twitter
  • For the cookies deposited by LinkedIn

4 – Updating of the Cookies notice

ENGIE Solutions may update this notice on cookies at any time. Consequently, the user is invited to regularly refer to this notice.