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Electrical engineering: working towards modernization and efficiency of buildings

To speak of electrical engineering is to evoke the multiplicity of expertise required to cover all its fields of application. EQUANS France has a wealth of know-how as a long-standing player in these fields, responding to numerous - and new - challenges, uses and regulations; Design, installation and maintenance of intelligent buildings, emergence of new forms of mobility, omnipresent needs for networks and data, search for efficient solutions, advent of renewable energies... electrical engineering, from low voltage to high voltage, is the place where future transitions converge.

At a time when the complexity of systems and the urgency of climate change are increasing, the Group supports projects of all sizes, large and small, thanks to its technical excellence, its experience and a unique presence at the heart of the territories;

For more technological, ecological and economical buildings

Depending on the scenario, 35 to 40% of energy consumption could be covered by renewable energies by 2030. Wind, solar and hydraulic energies should then be the main sources of electricity production. The need to modernize and improve the efficiency of buildings must be met with high value-added solutions to manage intermittency and optimize the production, distribution and consumption of energy. These objectives require the deployment of adapted infrastructures and concrete solutions that EQUANS France is already putting in place: heat pumps, LED lighting, decentralized and combined energy production, decarbonized mini- and micro-grid solutions;

Covering the entire value chain, and more

The challenges of energy efficiency, reinforced by new regulatory measures, require technical excellence and the capacity for innovation across the entire value chain. Whether it is a question of distributing and supplying electricity to buildings, providing infrastructure for digital communication services or ensuring the comfort and safety of goods and people, the Group works on behalf of its customers in the many fields of expertise of electrical engineering.

In the field of high voltage, we work with our clients:

  • in energy production, transport and distribution infrastructures, with a strong expertise in the design and construction of high voltage lines and transformer stations;
  • in building electrification, with expertise in power cabinets and low voltage distribution networks ;
  • in installation of network backup solutions, such as the installation of generators ;
  • in installation of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles (Irve), called charging stations ;
  • in maintenance.

We have a historical know-how in lighting, both utilitarian and decorative. We also have specific certifications, proof of our ability to reconcile compliance with standards and operational performance, including the Qualifoudre label, in the context of protection against lightning.

In the field of low voltage, we are involved in the installation and maintenance of fire safety, anti-intrusion, access control, video surveillance, VDI, building management systems and home automation systems. Our solutions are accompanied by specialty offers, fields in which we are recognized as key players, whether in audiovisual, fiber optic networks, WiFi, IOT, or even multi-operator GSM coverage. For all these activities, we hold European leadership positions; We are working to promote sustainable and evolving buildings. We have the R2S, Wiredscore and Smartscore reference systems to deploy the infrastructures required for the construction of intelligent buildings.

Being on the ground and knowing how to innovate

From the design phase, to the execution of the work, to the operation and maintenance of the equipment, we design with, and for, our clients buildings adapted to the challenges of energy transition. We bring our innovative solutions, tools for assessing and optimizing the carbon footprint, and monitoring the obsolescence of facilities.

What makes a project successful for our teams? The relationship we have with our customers and partners, the real exchange, our availability. Our unique territorial proximity, our knowledge of our clients' businesses and sites allow us to respond with relevance and agility;

We are a historical leader, and our strength lies in our technical excellence, our knowledge of usage, our proximity to our customers and our long-term support.
Gaëtan Texier
We are as much in the conception as in the realization of services in electrical engineering.
Daphne Darracq
Thanks to our network of agencies, which allow us to ensure, on a daily basis, a quality follow-up with our customers, and thanks to their complementarity, we know how to adapt to each customer profile and any type or size of project!
Anne-Sophie Boyer

- Market leader in electrical engineering
- 6,500 employees
- 120 local agencies


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