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Equans, a player in the digitalization of transport

Partners in sustainable mobility, we also accompany the digital transition of public transport (buses, streetcars and trains).

We design intelligent transportation systems (equipment, applications and services) that increase the performance of transportation networks, contribute to passenger satisfaction and enhance journey safety.

Operations support systems and passenger information (SAEIV)

At the service of urban areas, our NAVINEO offer supports the development of territories in favor of intermodality, optimizes the operation of public transport networks and strengthens the quality of passenger information.

Equans designs, installs and maintains SAEIV systems for more than 50,000 buses, electric buses, streetcars and trains throughout the world.
Our systems provide efficient tracking of vehicle routes and fleet status. They enable real-time communication with drivers and deliver reliable information to passengers.




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Efficient on-board connectivity

Drivers and passengers benefit from a seamless wifi network from one end of the journey to the other, thanks to Equans. Our subsidiary Icomera is the world's leading provider of in-vehicle connectivity solutions. Its services are used daily by millions of passengers and tens of thousands of on-board systems. Icomera offers the fastest, most reliable and most secure Internet connection on the market for vehicles in motion. Its solutions are compatible with a wide range of digital applications that enhance passenger satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and improve safety and security.

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Our in-car technologies offer the best to your travelers:

• in-flight entertainment services

We guarantee the comfort, traceability and safety of journeys:

• automatic passenger counting
• real time supervision
• video protection
• secure communication modules (VoIP)
• eco-driving
• incident management
• vehicle and driver tracking
• training services


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