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Decarbonised hydrogen

Hydrogen is an important tool in the decarbonisation of industry... provided that this hydrogen is produced in a sustainable manner.

Principe de la production d'hydrogène par électrolyse de l'eau

Principle of hydrogen production by water electrolysis

Hydrogen: a vector for industrial decarbonisation

Most hydrogen is produced by steam methane cracking. But this process emits a lot of greenhouse gases (GHGs): approximately 10 t of CO2 for every 1 t of H2 produced.

New technologies that emit few GHGs have matured. Electrolysis of water, in particular, can be used to produce low-carbon or renewable hydrogen and oxygen from water molecules and electricity.

EQUANS decarbonised hydrogen services for industry

schéma production H2 petites puissances

Production of low power H2 for industry

Feed decarbonised H2 into your process:

  • Turnkey facility for in-situ production of low power low-carbon hydrogen.
  • Guaranteed H2 quality
  • Securing of production
hub h2 décarboné

Decarbonised H2 hub

  • A flagship project to unite industrial players in the same territory
  • A local partnership to structure the H2 sector in the regions
schéma combustion hybride

Hybrid Combustion

  • A solution adapted to your process to meet your challenges
  • Hybrid combustion: A major decarbonisation tool
  • An expert in the integration of process gases to guide you from design to maintenance

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A single point of contact for the design and installation of H2 production and their integration into the process

EQUANS offers design services, regulatory and administrative studies, and installation, exploitation and maintenance services, plus optional financing.

EQUANS is a supplier of low-carbon hydrogen, with a performance obligation regarding the availability and quality of the fluid for the following subsystems:

  • Production of renewable electricity
  • Supply of demineralised water
  • Production of H2 by electrolysis
  • Purification, compression and emergency storage
  • Distribution, regulation and integration of H2 (and O2) into the process
hydrogène décarboné - offre clé en main EQUANS

EQUANS turnkey offer

Serious ambitions in the development of decarbonised hydrogen

hydrogène décarboné - dispositifs de soutien

EQUANS turnkey offer

The target set by France in the Multiannual Energy Programme (PPE) for 2028 is to convert up to 40% of industrial hydrogen to decarbonised hydrogen.

In September 2020, the French government announced the National Hydrogen Strategy, one of the most ambitious in the world. It anticipates €7.2 billion of investment in the hydrogen sector by 2030, 54% of which would be for the decarbonisation of industry. By 2023, €3.4 billion will be allocated to the hydrogen sector.

Initiatives have already been launched, including calls for proposals for ADEME. Others are in the pipeline, such as the hydrogen production and consumption support mechanism.


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