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Decarbonised hydrogen

Hydrogen is an important tool in the decarbonisation of industry... provided that this hydrogen is produced in a sustainable manner.


ERAS ensures the engineering of all trades and the project management of your hydrogen projects:
•    Feasibility study
•    Design studies
•    Industrial risk analysis
•    Permitting and administrative files (ICPE: installation classified for the environment, ATEX: explosive atmosphere)
•    Consultation of companies
•    Detail study
•    Site scheduling, planning and coordination
•    Acceptance and performance improvement


Equans France's teams will carry out your projects, managing the industrial risk and integration into your processes:
•    Electricity Instrumentation Automation
•    Piping, purification, compression and storage
•    Distribution, regulation and process integration
•    Industrial computing and digital tools


With its local teams, Equans France maintains the reliability and security of your installations with service commitments on level 1 to 4 maintenance.

Principe de la production d'hydrogène par électrolyse de l'eau

Principle of hydrogen production by water electrolysis

Hydrogen: a vector for industrial decarbonisation

Most hydrogen is produced by steam methane cracking. But this process emits a lot of greenhouse gases (GHGs): approximately 10 t of CO2 for every 1 t of H2 produced.

New technologies that emit few GHGs have matured. Electrolysis of water, in particular, can be used to produce low-carbon or renewable hydrogen and oxygen from water molecules and electricity.

EQUANS decarbonised hydrogen services for industry

Production of low power H2 for industry

Feed decarbonised H2 into your process:

  • Turnkey facility for in-situ production of low power low-carbon hydrogen.
  • Guaranteed H2 quality
  • Securing of production

Decarbonised H2 hub

  • A flagship project to unite industrial players in the same territory
  • A local partnership to structure the H2 sector in the regions

Hybrid Combustion

  • A solution adapted to your process to meet your challenges
  • Hybrid combustion: A major decarbonisation tool
  • An expert in the integration of process gases to guide you from design to maintenance

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First demonstrator integrating a H2 gas turbine on the Smurfit Kappa site (Saillat-sur-Vienne 87)

ERAS ingénierie, a brand of Equans France, designs and manages the project in its entirety and is responsible for keeping to the study schedule and the technical quality of the deliverables produced:

  •     APS: Preliminary definition of the process
  •     APD : Estimation of the investment amount +/-10%.
  •     EPC: all trades (Piping, EIA, GC)
  •     Industrial risks

Axima, a brand of Equans France, carries out all the piping in compliance with the regulatory requirements related to high pressure hydrogen.


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