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NMP recovery

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The gigafactories of batteries requires toxic solvents, which require special expertise. In this context, EQUANS, a partner in the construction of European gigafactories, can design and build NMP decanting, storage and distribution facilities, and has developed a new NMP recovery and treatment process with a twofold objective: to optimize the site's energy consumption and to reduce its environmental impact in the long term.

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Our answer: NMP recovery

The manufacture of electric batteries requires the handling of explosive and highly flammable products. N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) is used as an organic solvent in the production of lithium-ion battery cathodes. Concretely the production of the cathode consists of:

1- Coating the electrode with a solution of active materials approved by the solvent NMP.
2- Dry the film continuously in an oven at a temperature between 100 and 130°C, under controlled conditions to avoid any risk of explosion due to the evaporation of the solvent.

During this delicate operation, the NMP will turn into a gaseous state and evaporate into the oven drying air; At this point, it is imperative to remove it from the oven for two reasons:

1- For safety, because a too high concentration of NMP can be the cause of a risk of explosion.
2- For efficiency, because the drying operation requires controlled physico-chemical conditions.


With this in mind, EQUANS has developed a virtuous system to extract the exhaust gas from the furnace and recover the NMP for reuse. EQUANS' expertise lies in its ability to design, build and install an NMP recovery process customized to the customer's facility, based on an innovative and protected condensation design.

With this new recycling system from NMP, you can control your energy consumption and meet environmental requirements.
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