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Challenges of the Process Industries

Our promise? To be at your side to increase the performance of your industrial tool, to optimize the marketing of your products and to facilitate your transition to carbon neutrality;

Data centers, microelectronics, agri-food and pharmaceutical research and production centers are all key sectors of the Process Industry. These industries, which are characterized by innovation, investment in research and development and strong growth, work daily in sensitive environments.

At Equans France, we support our industrial clients for projects with strong technological components, in France and abroad;

The issues in detail

Cost and time

Optimize your costs and deadlines with a single contact for the entire value chain of your project. We manage all the expertise on turnkey projects, all trades, in France and abroad.

Risk management

Control your risks to people, production facilities and the surrounding area while respecting :

hygiene, safety and environmental norms and standards
safety and environmental standards,
by ensuring the conformity of your installations.

Regulatory studies and permitting

Get support in the administrative procedures specific to your project: risk analysis, impact study, hazard study, building permit, ICPE (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment), ATEX, DDAE (Dossier de Demande d'Autorisation Environnementale)...

Quality and performance

Benefit from the quality and performance of your assets from the design and construction phase, with the commissioning and qualification of installations and operations.

We commit ourselves in the long term by ensuring continuity of service on the process and its environment through a maintenance strategy.

Industrial processes: what are the stakes?

Pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, petrochemical, automotive, biotechnology or water treatment industries: each type of industry uses industrial processes to ensure quality and cost-effective mass production. Why are industrial processes so important? What are the current challenges?

A tailor-made answer for your business

To meet the specific needs of High Technology Industries such as High Tech, Life Sciences, Chemicals and Food Processing, Equans France designs custom-made solutions.

The result is optimized production processes, safe and compliant installations, increased competitiveness and improved economic and environmental performance;

High technology industries

  • Battery
  • Microelectronics
  • Photovoltaic
  • Aerospace

Life Sciences & Chemistry

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Cosmetics
  • Fine chemistry
  • Medical

Data centers

  • Hosting companies
  • Computing centers


  • Dairy products
  • Meat, sausages, cured meats
  • Animal feed
  • Bakery/pastry, ingredients
  • Beverages, brewing
  • Wines and spirits
  • Food tech
The global high-tech industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in its factories. The integration of new technologies into the industrial tool is now a reality that is transforming the entire industrial fabric. Equans France supports its customers in their transition to Industry 4.0 to enable them to optimize their productivity, increase their performance in terms of cost, quality and lead time and reduce their environmental impact. Tomorrow's industry will be more flexible, connected, agile and responsible.
Yves Nussbaum Director of Process Industries Equans France

A single point of contact for the entire value chain

Maximize the performance of your assets, processes and buildings over time! Our experts will support you throughout the life cycle of your facilities, from design to operation/maintenance, including financing, qualification and construction.

Etude de predifinition

Pre-definition study

Specify your implementation and your technological choices with a costing from +10% to -20%

  • Functional analysis of principle
  • Technical file, PID, principle plan
  • Risk analysis, HazOp report, AMDEC
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Macro-planning
Ingenierie de conception detaillee

Detailed design engineering

Have a technical description, a precise costing at 5% and;a>

  • Sizing note, decision matrix
  • PID, drawings, 3D models, FAT/SAT, QI/QO
  • ICPE, building permit
  • Guaranteed maximum price, planning and phasing
  • Interface definition
Construction TCE ou macro-lots

Construction of TCE or macro-lots

Rely on a single point of contact, responsible for safety, costs and deadlines.

  • Turnkey installation and work
  • Prevention plan / PPSPS
  • Change control, testing, commissioning, FAT and SAT report
Qualification & commissionnement

Qualification and commissioning

Intrinsic performance of equipment:

  • Dossier des ouvrages exécutés
  • Qualification of installations

Operational performance:

  • PV de réception
  • Operational qualification

Guarantee of perfect completion:

  • File of subsequent interventions on the work
  • Performance qualification
Transfert démantèlement

Transfer / Dismantling

Manage projects "from cradle to grave" to optimize life cycles and circular economy

  • Logistics engineering
  • Equipment
  • Civil engineering
  • Asbestos removal
Exploitation / Maintenance

Operation / Maintenance

Benefit from a results-based contract, for a high level of service over time

  • Guarantee of good working order
  • Service level agreements
  • Guarantee of energy performance Maintenance record / operating report
  • Maintenance file/operating report
  • Major maintenance / renewal plan

Innovation for the high-tech industry

On a daily basis, Equans France imagines and builds the high-tech industry of tomorrow, which will be more efficient, more human and more respectful of the environment.

Our teams rely on new technologies and work in particularly innovative sectors (biotechnologies, batteries, electronics, hydrogen, etc.), from start-ups to large companies. As a technology partner and solution integrator, we co-build new processes with our customers;

In this particularly competitive context, Equans France assists its clients in the implementation, deployment and industrialization of their projects, with the primary concern of accelerating the time-to-market of innovations.

Make your projects more efficient and innovative

Equans France has developed cutting-edge expertise, the result of several years of R&T&E;

  • Technology watch
  • Research of low carbon solutions
  • Setting up projects
  • The search for public subsidies (ADEME, BPI, Europe...)

An international presence

Equans France is the privileged partner for high technology industries in France and abroad. You benefit from our ability to adapt to geographical, administrative and regulatory specificities, regardless of your location;

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