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Cold for Industry

Our experts will support you in your industrial projects from design to installation, operation and maintenance, ensuring optimal operation and reduction of your energy consumption.

Our cold expertise for the industry

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A refrigeration agency near you

Our teams of refrigeration specialists, located in more than 80 agencies, provide local service throughout the country. Our refrigeration specialists take care of the start-up, maintenance and repair of your installations in order to guarantee them an optimal life span and operation. A 24/7 assistance service contributes to the continuous improvement of your installations;

Our achievements

Système de refroidissement

Automotive sector

Remodeling of chilled water installations, process cooling with Free Cooling;

  • Chiller 300 kW, 2 compressors, Free Cooling
  • Glycol water primary network 
  • Glycol water / pure water separation
  • Pure water secondary network at +15/+25°C
  • Free cooling partial or total
  • Process security
  • Maintenance contract
Boucle de refroidissement

Steel industry

Creation of a new cooling loop (water 29/24°C) for the furnaces;

  • Power: 4 000 kW
  • 2 full stainless steel 316L closed towers with EC motors;
  • 3 pumps on base of 350 m³/h unit  
  • Distribution of stainless steel networks in DN400  
  • Supply of 11 ovens + 7 ovens in forecast
  • Preparation in workshop of skids and networks
  • Easy access for tower maintenance
  • Automation and supervision
  • Compression-free cooling
  • Use of treated rainwater
Installation frigorifique usine

Glass industry

Outsourcing of maintenance and improvement works for about ten years. Maintenance of about 400 refrigeration installations including:


  • Chillers, process cooling and cooling of decorating workshops
  • li>Air handling units, cooling of machine cabinets 
  • + of 50 compressed air dryers 3 and 7 bars, use on process machine 
  • Process and office air conditioning 
  • Cold rooms and refrigerated display cabinets for company restaurants
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