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The batteries market, a global challenge

In 2040, 70% of vehicles sold in Europe, across all segments (cars, lorries, buses) will be electric. As for the global battery market, it is set to achieve €45 billion by 2027 (30% of which in Europe), according to the estimates of the firm BCG. Suffice to say, the electromobility market is enjoying favourable winds, with a strong desire to offer ever cleaner, decarbonised mobility.

The European automotive battery market is estimated at around 400 GWh by 2030.

Europe plots the course for electromobility

Borne of a desire to support local action, Europe, until now little present in this high potential market, is investing heavily in the electromobility sector. Indeed, the European Commission gave the green light last year for the creation of a huge “Airbus” style consortium for batteries.

Ratified by 7 Member States (Germany, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Poland and Sweden), this immense project, which is costing around €6 billion, provides for the construction of 20 to 30 gigafactories on European soil.

Battery production in Europe is a strategic challenge given the enormous potential of this still-emerging market.

Challenges for Europe

What challenges do manufacturers face?

Expertise from start to finish

EQUANS France guides manufacturers through the design and execution of their battery factory projects, using a turnkey, tailored approach.

Design and implementation of dry rooms, electrolyte storage and distribution, connection circuit for production of powders… As a result of the multidisciplinarity of its teams, EQUANS France offers a comprehensive range of services that combine technical know-how and energy expertise.

Early on in the project, its teams of experts analyse the risks with clients and come up with recommendations, particularly with regard to the sizing of installations, to fully satisfy their needs.

Carbon neutrality partner

As a carbon neutrality partner, EQUANS France is able to develop related services to improve the energy and environmental performance of industrial sites. From plant design to equipment maintenance, its teams undertake in the long term to optimise building user comfort and safeguard energy consumption by producing and managing utilities.


Expertise in controlled environments

EQUANS France has a proven track record in the design of clean rooms, which call for extremely low dust and humidity levels. This recognised expertise is used to design your dry rooms (choice of materials, containment construction, associated installations, etc.), in strict compliance with health and safety criteria.

EQUANS France regularly operates in particularly demanding environments and expertly manages the constraints of explosive atmosphere (ATEX) buildings. This major advantage allows it to design and install all your connection circuits responsible for carrying corrosive materials. Well versed in this practice, EQUANS France experts can also ensure complete integration of specific equipment (vessels, pumps, heat exchangers, storage cabinets, etc.) with the same level of security.

To properly understand and manage the electrolyte principle, it draws on extensive experience in fine chemistry and hydrometallurgy. Great care has to be taken when handling, storing and distributing this explosive and highly flammable product.

Thanks to the diversity of its customers operating in complex environments, EQUANS France guides industrial players throughout this ultra-sensitive process in the optimum implementation of this “electrolyte distribution chain”.

A turnkey project


A dedicated team and a single point of contact guarantee effective coordination between the Group’s various business lines and subsidiaries.
Integration of BIM at every stage of the project means that the whole life cycle of installed equipment can be handled right through to its obsolescence. Digital models also enable 3D monitoring of all site facilities and infrastructure. Lastly, BIM guarantees a shared, real-time overview of the project, reinforces coordination and optimises reporting processes.

To rise to energy performance and carbon footprint challenges, the EQUANS France teams make the most of existing resources and equipment in order to offer a single project that secures consumption and optimises the energy mix of industrial players.

As a trusted partner of manufacturers, EQUANS France relies on an international network of experts, who support and roll out projects globally. These professionals have cutting-edge knowledge to adapt the solutions to international standards and expectations, and provide advice on the legal, fiscal and financial aspects of project implementation.

As a solid and historic group, ENGIE has a strong reputation with financial establishments and European bodies to raise funds. You therefore benefit not only from our brand image but also from our expertise in complex financing packages. In some cases, we can offer “as-a-service” financing on energy supply contracts for your utilities or installations.

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