What really stands out about the Axima Réfrigération France offer is how it adapts to the needs of STEF’s teams. Support is provided by true professionals, whether for commissioning, adjustment or maintenance, or when it comes to responsiveness to call-outs. We’re really pleased with all of the reports, with their easy-to-access explanations and optimisation advice.
STEF Logistics Site Manager Carrefour Fuveau (13)
Entrepôt chambre négative
Entrepôt automatisé
Base logistique Eurial
carte France
The company has invested in a total overhaul of its facilities.  We had two objectives: comply with the new environmental standards with as little carbon impact as possible, and manage the sanitary security of our goods. The Axima Réfrigération France offer is effective and innovative. Based on an indicator of electricity consumption to the nearest kWh/m³, we have seen a significant 50% drop, a great result given the 30% increase in the warehouse’s volume. It is very reassuring to work with a major group that is also a regional player.
Pomona PassionFroid Logistics Director Chevigny Saint Sauveur (21)

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