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Cooling for the pharmaceutical, chemicals or gas industries

We provide you with support throughout the life cycle of your projects: study, design, installation, commissioning, remote monitoring and maintenance. 

Our installations with low-carbon refrigerants ensure your regulatory compliance and guarantee energy and environmental performance.

Tailored process and storage refrigeration solutions (up to -80 °C).

Compression and liquefaction of gases

We meet your energy quality and optimisation requirements in terms of gas compression (hydrocarbons, helium, etc.) and gas liquefaction (SO2, CL2, HCL, etc.).

Production of CO2

To avoid being dependent on CO2 supplies from often remote production sites, AXIMA REFRIGERATION designs and manufactures CO2 generators appropriate to your needs, from a few kg/h to several T/h.

CO2 recovery and purification

To obtain a very pure CO2 of food quality, AXIMA REFRIGERATION designs, assembles and installs gaseous CO2 recovery and purification units.

Among our achievements

sanofi sisteron usine
Sanofi Sisteron (04)

Centralisation of cold production with NH3/CO2 refrigerants and reduction of electrical consumption.

  • 6 CO2/MEG heat exchanger substations corresponding to the glycol requirements of 6 production buildings, distribution by rack over more than 1.3 km of pipes (40 bar), without pumping of CO2.
  • Power: 2.4 MW extendible to 3.2 MW eventually
  • Less than 1.5 T of NH3 (1.2 T) and 7 T of CO2.
  • Securing of production
  • 10-year maintenance contract
usine INEOS Martigues
INEOS Martigues (13)

New Atex unit for cooling a PIB (PolyIsoButylene) polymerisation chemical reaction.

  • New Atex unit for cooling a PIB (PolyIsoButylene) polymerisation chemical reaction
  • Horizontal oil separator with oil pump and double oil filter
  • 1 skid with removable plate condenser, LP tank and two distribution pumps (1 as backup)
  • Propylene pump flow rate: 400 m³/h
  • Natural refrigerant: hydrocarbon (propylene GWP=2)
  • Cold capacity: 5,500 kW
  • 100% custom unit
  • Compliance with client specifications
Système de réfrigération
Novo Nordisk Chartres (28)

Remodelling and refurbishment of the refrigeration system with Quantum chilled water units.

  • 2 Quantum GA175 units with centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings and flooded multitubular evaporators
  • Low-carbon refrigerant: HFO (R1234ze) with GWP = 7
  • Pump skid with variable drive built into the unit at assembly
  • High energy efficiency of the Quantum, no intensity peaks at start-up
  • Reduced maintenance: no mechanical servicing of compressors, no oil changes
  • Power 2 X 1.25 MW
  • Water regime at +4 °C
  • Water regime at +4 °C
  • Low noise and vibration levels

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