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Refrigeration for the food industry

EQUANS France will help you

EQUANS designs, installs, implements and maintains custom refrigeration systems for the food industry and associated warehouses.

With the Axima Réfrigération France offer, we guarantee the optimization of your processes and the securing of the cold chain while respecting the regulations in force and limiting your operating costs.

Securing the cold chain in the food industry

Reconcile your challenges of securing the cold chain and energy and environmental performance with our offer; We privilege the respect of the quality of food products by optimizing the choice of refrigerating equipment and by proposing you a traceability via GTC (temperature, hygrometry, alarm...).


Air quality control

EQUANS adapts to your food process thanks to the Axima Réfrigération France offer. We offer hygienic air handling units with absolute filtration, temperature and hygrometry control, air flow regulation, air diffusion by textile sheath, air management during washing and disinfection phases...


We have a long history with the Axima Réfrigération France offer, for more than 30 years. We had a simple and complicated challenge: our electricity subscription should not increase. Since 2008, we have saved about 15% on our gas consumption and a little over 10% on our electricity consumption.
Technical Manager Abera Saint-Brice-en-Coglès (35)

Your energy and water savings

EQUANS implements solutions adapted to the food processing industry to reduce the total installed cost, promote energy efficiency and thus optimize the return on investment :

Energy audit, reduction of electrical power, speed variation, heat recovery, natural refrigerants, adiabatic condensation to reduce water consumption.


CPE: Energy Performance Contract

Our EPC solution for the food industry is a turnkey offer to reduce energy costs and carbon impact. It integrates energy and environmental performance actions as well as a long-term energy consumption commitment to guarantee the payback period of the investments.

An EPC consists of three phases: works, maintenance and energy monitoring.

Areas of application: work on cold and/or heat production, heat recovery...

Interventions that respect the farm

Don't interrupt your business! Our specialized teams design a cold equipment deployment strategy that takes your constraints into account. For your extension or remodeling projects, we carry out studies, manufacture sub-assemblies, and carry out worksites while preserving your existing equipment;

We completely overhauled our installation which was using heterogeneous refrigerant gases. We opted for a CO2 solution, a natural fluid, to comply with the F-gas regulation. We now have a 35% reduction in energy consumption and a reduction in noise on the site. The return on investment of our installation should be around 3 years.
Director Van Den Casteele Saint Sylvestre Cappel (59)

Among our achievements

Récupération et valorisation des rejets de chaleur
Cheese Company (14)

Recovery and valorization of waste heat

GreenPAC: high temperature hybrid heat pump, production of hot or superheated water between 85°C and 120°C, coefficient of performance up to 6. Hybrid technology with a combination of compression and absorption;

  • Energy savings
  • Reduction of fossil fuel use
  • NH3, natural refrigerant
  • Reduced maintenance costs
Rénovation et mise en conformité F-gas
Van Den Casteele (59)

Renovation and F-gas compliance

Transcritical CO2 plant, positive power: 108 kW (6 compressors, 1 of which is variable) and negative power: 120 kW (3 compressors, 1 of which is variable). The installation supplies 22 freezers, 5 cold rooms, 1 defrosting cold room, 3 sales cabinets;

  • CO2, natural refrigerant
  • CO2 and remote monitoring
  • Significant reduction of ambient noise
  • Approximately 35% energy savings
Remplacement groupe eau glycolée
Sauvage meats (80)

Replacement of glycol water group for cooling of positive cold rooms and meat preparation laboratories.

  • 250 kW cooling capacity and glycol water -8/-4°C
  • Heat exchanger + 5 m3 tank for domestic hot water
  • Micro-channel condenser
  • New cold and hot pump station and new electrical cabinet
  • Supervision with PLC
  • Recovered power 400 kW to supply the boiler with preheated water
    • Natural refrigerant: propane
    • 30% energy savings
DAILYCER Etelfay (80)

Renovation, extension (+700 kW of cooling) and replacement of 2 Carrier productions (R134a) by 1 NH3 skid designed and manufactured by our teams as well as a pump skid.

  • Cooling capacity 2000 kW at 12°C/+6°C
  • Adiabetic condenser with JACIR media
  • Cold and hot pump station on variation
  • Decoupling cover 
  • 30 unit heaters 
  • New heat storage and recovery network 
    • 1,600 kW of recovered heat
    • Delivery of the 2 pre-assembled skids

Our solutions and services



The availability and durability of your refrigeration equipment.

  • Preventive maintenance and regulatory control
  • Mechanical overhaul
  • 24/7 assistance


The hybrid heat pump with high technical and energy performance.

  • Very high temperature: hot water from 85 to 120°C
  • Natural refrigerant
  • Energy savings li>Recovery and valorization of your waste heat
Production simultanée de froid et de chaud


The simultaneous production of cold and heat to improve your energy efficiency.

  • Thermo-frigo-pump
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Up to 50% energy savings
gloge terrestre sur herbe


The range of low-carbon refrigerants for your environmental efficiency in refrigeration.

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Improved carbon footprint
employée EQUANS

Cold connected

The data at the service of your cold performance.

  • Supervision and remote monitoring
  • Automation and regulation to adjust your energy consumption
  • Predictive maintenance
frigoriste EQUANS


The cold competence of your teams.

  • Certified trainer
  • Attestation of aptitude
  • Customized training
Révision mécanique

Mechanical overhaul

Make your equipment more reliable and extend its life.

  • 500 m² workshop
  • 400 industrial compressors repaired /year
  • Traceability of compressors
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