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Dry rooms, expertise in battery assembly

The manufacture of electric batteries calls for the handling of highly dangerous and explosive products, notably in the manufacture of powders or during electrolyte production. To guarantee you a work space that is both efficient and secure, EQUANS France helps you design and create dry rooms, in accordance with sanitary and safety standards. These non-standard rooms demand a high level of technical skill to ensure a perfect seal for the enclosure. In this closed, hermetically sealed space, the atmosphere is continuously monitored in order to check various environmental criteria: humidity, temperature, etc.

Ensuring the integrity of the atmosphere

The slightest deviation can damage the equipment or encourage the dispersal of explosive particles, if the humidity is too high. Equipped with a specific air filtration system, our dry rooms maintain a humidity close to 0, with homogeneous sweeping of the air throughout the room.

Early on in the project, the EQUANS France teams determine with the customer the size of the enclosure – as close as possible to their requirements – to optimise energy costs. To guarantee perfect control of the atmosphere, they really get to know what is required, looking at the thermal load of the equipment or the number of people likely to work in the enclosure. This tailored approach means that the level of humidity can be carefully assessed, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the atmosphere depending on your activity.


Case study

Gigafactory in Sweden

  • The challenges

    • Contribute to the construction of the first European gigafactory, intended for the production of Li-ion batteries in sufficient volumes for the global electric traction market

    • Improve the availability of these components essential for clean mobility and for which there will be great demand in the coming years

    • Optimise production times and costs to tackle competition from Asia

    • Reduce the environmental footprint and energy expenditure of the utilities of this gigafactory, particularly its dry rooms•

  • Our Solutions

    The design, supply and installation of technological equipment for the creation of a Li-ion battery production unit in Sweden encompasses:

    • Design and creation of an ISO 6 48,000 m² dry room (dew point -40)

    • Electrolyte storage and distribution

    • Utility management (heating water, ice, process water, compressed air)

    • Considerable back office engineering fire power on our French sites

    • A team dedicated to the project is seconded to site, integrating perfectly with the customer teams

    • A single point of contact to limit interfaces

    • Permanent value engineering: optimisation of costs and lead times to be in the time-to-market imposed by this booming market

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