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Cooling for Mass Retail

Securing the cold chain of your refrigeration facilities is a critical issue. EQUANS and its Axima Réfrigération France offer provide you with support throughout the life cycle of your refrigeration and air conditioning facilities: design, installation, regulatory compliance and maintenance.

Sustainable investments

Reduced environmental footprint

We offer solutions suitable for mass retail, from the design stage or during modifications, to ensure regulatory compliance and a reduction of your carbon balance.

gloge terrestre sur herbe

The ILICO2 solutions

Developed by EQUANS make your refrigeration facilities environmentally friendly and durable using natural, low-carbon refrigerants.

FlexiCold, pay-per-use cooling

FlexiCold, pay-per-use cooling FlexiCold is a “Design-Implementation-Operation-Maintenance” service, billed monthly based on your actual kWh consumption for cooling.

We work alongside you to optimise your electricity consumption, taking responsibility for any deviations, and we ensure that you have high-quality refrigeration at all times.

Protect your cash flow! Spread your construction costs as variable costs over the term of the 10-year contract and make provision for your refrigeration costs.

Some of our projects

rayons réfrigérés Monoprix
Monoprix (Dinan - 22)

Environmentally friendly propane water-loop solution

Refurbishment of existing HFC installations and store refit with new propane cabinets: 14 m of semi-vertical integral refrigeration display cabinets, 5 m of integral refrigeration cabinets, 14 m of above-zero cabinets and 11 m of sub-zero cabinets connected to a water loop

  • Energy savings
  • Quiet operation of 45 kW dry cooler with EC motor
système réfrigération grande surface
LECLERC (Rennes - 35)

Remodelling of a hypermarket with 2 transcritical CO2 plants

  • Above-zero capacity: 2x246 kW, sub-zero capacity: 38 kW + 30 kW
  • 450 linear metres of above-zero cooling,
  • 57 linear metres of sub-zero cooling
  • 45 above-zero cold rooms and 3 sub-zero cold rooms
  • 1 ice machine with 2T silo
  • 1 water/water heat pump
  • Natural fluid solution: CO2
  • Heat recovery for domestic hot water and store heating
  • Protection of personnel: CO2 detectors, alarms, remote surveillance, etc.
toit Lidl - réfrigération
LIDL (Fenouillet - 31)

The first low-energy passive Lidl store

  • Natural fluid (propane) refrigeration solution
  • Capacity: 70 kW above-zero cooling and 25 kW sub-zero cooling
  • 2 dry coolers, 80 kW each
  • Units and cold rooms with plug-in compressors (integrated refrigeration)
  • Energy optimisation
  • Water loop control in relation to the outside temperature
  • Remote connection on supervision
For our Système U Group store, we wanted to install state-of-the-art cooling technology. With its Axima Réfrigération France offer, EQUANS has achieved a fantastic installation and we are over the moon. The technical solution gives us great results and allows us to be as neutral as possible when it comes to investments and changes to taxation on gas.
Director Super U Neuville, Poitou (86)
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