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Electrical network

Make your energy infrastructure safer, more efficient and more resilient!

The electricity we consume flows from where it is generated to where it is consumed through a network of overhead and underground power lines. This network allows us to transport and distribute electrical energy throughout France, directly to industrial companies, businesses, individuals, and even to other European countries. This adequacy guarantees the supply of customers in optimal conditions of safety, reliability and competitiveness. The function of these networks is to transport electricity by ensuring the balance between supply and demand.

Equans, expertise and people at the heart of energy production

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Historical entities that listen to your needs

From energy production to industrial and corporate end-users, Equans is a major player in energy supply.

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High Voltage Network

Design, construction and maintenance of High Voltage power lines and transmission networks

Overhead Line Work

  • New construction, modification and rehabilitation
  • Increased transit capacity
  • Removal of structures
  • Drone diagnostics and work

Underground line work

  • Trenching, laying sheath blocks

Design Office

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Post and Power Plants

Design of transformation equipment, piloting and control of HV substation

  • HV substations from 63 to 400 kV
  • HV domestic substations from 63 to 132 kV
  • Control cabinets
  • Lightning detection and protection
  • Storm detector construction
  • Turnkey solution: substations and industrial buildings
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Electrical Engineering

Design, produce and maintain IT and electronic equipment for energy and rail

  • Expertise and Engineering high voltage
  • Design Office
  • Electronics and electrotechnical
  • workshops
  • Power Testing Laboratory
  • Cofrac-accredited EMC* laboratory
  • Integration
  • Factory receipt
  • Commissioning & training
  • SAV & MCO
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Renewable energies

Turnkey solutions (EPC) for photovoltaic power plants

  • Design - implementation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Investor search - financing

Innovation & development

Equans is participating in the RINGO project alongside RTE

His goal:

  • Experiment with new ENR storage technologies inecessary for power grid flexibility
  • Construct innovative renewable energy storage solutions
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Construction of electrical substations

Our realisations

Energy storage RINGO

Equans et Blue Solutions en partenariat pour stocker les énergies renouvelables
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Senelec x Equans

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Electrical network

Electrical network

Technical Industrial Buildings

La modularité au service de la performance
Electrical network

Substations & power plants

Concevoir des solutions robustes et fiables pour un réseau de transport et de distribution électrique sécurisé et continu
Electrical network

Industrial Electrical Substation

Poste Electrique Industriel, une solution imaginée et conçue par INEO Postes & Centrales pour EDF, Rte et ENEDIS
Electrical network

Source Express Station

la standardisation au service de la transition énergétique

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