Industrial Electrical Substation

+ Discreet

The P.E.I. is more easily integrated in a peri-urban environment. From the outside, this closed building does not look like an electrical substation. In addition, the PEI technique requires 3 times less surface than its equivalent in open substation which also makes it easier to integrate them in cities;

+ Performing

The metal roofing increases the life span of the equipment, which is not subject to the vagaries of the weather. The first P.E.I. are 30 years old and our customers rarely call on us for maintenance.

+ Economic

From the design stage, thanks to the use of market components by INEO P&C teams, to the operation stage with the implementation of protection measures to deal with climatic hazards - such as tornadoes, frost, etc. - the global cost of a P.E.I. (including its operation and maintenance) is much lower than a traditional outdoor substation. Moreover, the technical and architectural choices have been designed so that each cell is insulated by boxes resistant to overpressures linked to short circuits, thus avoiding the "domino" effect in case of short circuits.

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