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Source Express Station

standardization for the energy transition

A source substation is an electrical structure that connects the public power transmission system to the public power distribution system. It is used to transform very high voltage into high voltage; to distribute electrical energy to several high-voltage networks, called "outlets"; and to route electrical energy throughout France by adapting to the different needs of consumers. It therefore plays an essential role in the overall electrical system.


Pre-industrial express source stations

In order to meet the energy transition challenges of increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy mix to 40% by 2030, transmission and distribution networks are evolving. These adaptations must allow for the integration of renewable electricity production while guaranteeing the security, safety of the electrical system, as well as the quality of supply to consumers. These evolutions are characterized by the development of standardized and prefabricated workshop solutions called "Express Source Substations" allowing to reduce the construction time of a source substation.

INEO Postes & Centrales designs and develops buildings for express source substations for ENEDIS. These are prefabricated buildings that can accommodate either 11 to 12 HTA cells, or the control room or the Energy workshops. These buildings are built in the workshop with a prefabricated concrete slab on which a metal frame is installed, covered with steel sandwich panels; the installation of the electrical equipment in these buildings is also done in the workshop. In parallel to this prefabrication, the construction of the concrete infrastructure is done on site; the finished prefabricated building will be placed on this infrastructure on site. These pre-designed and standardized modules reduce construction time by 2 and reduce the impact of hazards on the duration of the work, all of which allows for faster connection of renewable electricity producers.

Benefits of an Express Source Station

+ Compact

Standard size (8m*4m or 3m*10m*), the buildings for Express Source Stations are ready to use solutions.

+ Effective

All modules are standardized and pre-designed in our workshops, which cuts construction time in half and reduces the impact of unforeseen events on the duration of the work.

+ Economic

The use of market components for the manufacture of a part as well as the prefabrication reduces the costs and the times of manufacture.

References: Our experience for the benefit of the energy transition

container mas bruno enedis


4 HTA modules,
1 locker room/sanitary module,
1 UA module

container bois tollot rte


4 HTA modules,
1 locker room/sanitary module,
1 command control module

container cergy rte


4 HTA modules,
1 locker room/sanitary module,
1 UA module

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