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Control the equipment of a tertiary building with our Building Management System solutions

The tertiary eco-energy scheme and the BACS (Building Automation Control System) decree specify the tools and milestones for leading the energy transition of tertiary buildings, in the service of their performance and comfort.

The BMS, a solution that optimizes energy flows

BMS is a solution that directly optimizes the energy flows of the installations in a building. It is similar to home automation, but differs from it in that it only concerns tertiary and industrial buildings. It is also called "immotics" (contraction of the words "building" and "computer"). It is the manager of the building, trained in support, who manages this system.


The GTB, a computerized control system

The BMS is a computer system that remotely controls all the equipment in the building, such as:

  • Energy metering,
  • Management of thermal installations,
  • Management of cooling installations,
  • Lighting management,
  • Plumbing,
  • Elevators,
  • Elevations,
  • High/low current information,
  • Medical fluids.
To know the information related to the equipment, three main types of data are collected by the GTB system:

What are the advantages of Building Management Systems?

The implementation of these automation and control systems in commercial buildings aims to control building energy expenses while improving the comfort offered to users and occupants. The BMS responds concretely to this need by saving up to 30% of energy (according to ADEME, 2015). In addition, it provides the following benefits:


How to exploit the tertiary regulatory framework?

If you are the owner, manager or tenant of an existing or new commercial building (office buildings, campuses, warehouses, towers, shopping centers, schools, high schools, etc.) with an air conditioning or heating system, you are concerned. It is never too late to install or maintain the BMS, whether your building is under construction or renovation.

There are two opportunities to improve the energy performance and the comfort of your commercial buildings:


  • First solution

    The BMS at the service of the tertiary eco-energy system

    Deploying a BMS is one of the key actions in the action plan to be implemented with regard to the tertiary eco-energy system. The BMS solution allows for the pooling of the metering plan and facilitates the obligation to declare in the OPERAT platform.

  • Second solution

    BMS at the heart of the BACS decree

    Existing or new, occupied or not, partially or fully equipped with a BMS, each building/asset must be the subject of a "just in time" approach when it is brought into compliance within the framework of a multi-year work and maintenance program. Indeed, the BACS decree requires the installation and maintenance of a BMS solution.

    EQUANS is your partner to assist you in your Building Management System projects, as well as in the compliance of your assets.

    Our teams offer you an initial audit/advice, the financial package with the appropriate aid/financing, the ROI study, the possible deployment of new tools, and the maintenance of the solutions in place.

Our custom-made BMS offer

Construction of new buildings, or evolution of existing buildings, whatever their current state or location, call on EQUANS.


Consulting and auditing

The teams accompany you from the analysis phase of your real estate assets in order to define a budget that guarantees a return on investment (ROI) of less than 6 years. Compliance with the regulatory framework, aid and financing will be guaranteed;

Installation and turnkey integration of the adapted solution

Study, installation and commissioning of the BMS.

Training of your teams and the operator

A certified training organization to ensure that you get to grips with the BMS easily.

Adapted maintenance contracts

Your benefits by choosing our Building Management System offer:

EQUANS, your partner in the installation, maintenance and compliance of your BMS

years of expertise as leaders in France in BMS
experts in BMS
agencies in France

EQUANS, your partner in the installation, maintenance and compliance of your BMS

years of expertise as leaders in France in BMS
experts in BMS
agencies in France

EQUANS experts in the Digital Solutions division

EQUANS experts within the Digital Solutions division offer national coverage for audits, deployments, and periodic verifications.

Our teams spread across France support you in the construction and implementation of your strategy:

  • You benefit from our capacity for global action and proximity, whether you are a single-site or multi-site, single-operator or multi-operator,
  • You have a single point of contact for project management and work execution, guaranteeing financial optimization and smooth coordination;

Do you have a need? Let's talk about it!