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Systems and data integration

Through the analysis and development of your data, we imagine with you, we design and implement solutions to support the evolution of your business.


Our positioning

  • Integration

    Unify interfaces:

    System integration
    API interoperability
    Specific developments
    BIM, EDM & Cyber

  • Hypervision

    Working with the existing :

    Data analysts

  • Valuation

    Creating value:

    Produce better
    Better consumption
    Better forecasting
    Respond better

Our expertise offers

  • System integration

    Have an integrated system that is perfectly adapted to the expectations of your operators/businesses, allowing the implementation of value-added use cases.

    Be able to address new uses over time, based on a scalable and interoperable digital foundation.

    Limit your risks and reduce your investments.

  • Services

    Benefit from support to guarantee the performance of your systems over time.

    Ensure third-party application maintenance.

    Upgrade your systems so that they always meet your needs and are based on "up to date" technologies.

  • Council

    Putting our experience and expertise in the field at the service of your questions regarding the digitalization of your business.

    To accompany you in the definition of value-added use cases within your businesses.

    Collaborate with your teams to translate your challenges into digital solutions.

  • Development of software bricks

    Benefit from specialists and their skills for the development of business applications (server, client, web, "heavy", mobile...).

    Have a pool of digital experts to help you secure your software development processes.

  • Cybersecurity

    To build with you the cyber security trajectory of your systems which is the most adapted to your stakes and your risks.

    Integrate technical solutions adapted to your challenges within your facilities.

  • Data Science

    Use raw data in ways other than statistical reporting.

    Optimize your business domains through the use of Data Science / Artificial Intelligence technologies.

    Anticipate situations and phenomena.

    Visualize data, calculation results, decision aids in a simple and graphic way.

    To be accompanied in the identification and determination of use cases to be implemented (identification of irritants and co-construction).

Packaged solutions

Generic hypervision: DAISY

Our solutions allow, on a unified interface, to centralize and correlate multi-field information coming from different equipment and systems, to analyze and manage situations with efficiency and reactivity.

  • Hypervision of stations in the South PACA region
  • Arcelor Mittal 
  • Hypervision Crédit Agricole
  • Angers Loire Métropole - 300,000 inhabitants / 50,000 equipments / 20 TB over 12 years

Targeted hypervision stations: MOBI

Remote monitoring solution for electric and hybrid vehicle charging stations, or for multi-fluid stations.

  • 1,500 connected charging points
  • Networks Sydego 44, Alterbase 79, SDEI 36, SDEA 10, SEDE 52, ST2B 54

Hypervision targeted to hydro : SQUADSIGHT

SaaS hypervision of micro-hydro power plants, allowing to monitor multi-site infrastructures, and to help operators to analyze and anticipate production.

  • Hydrowatt - 40 micro-hydro plants all over France

Smart Building : B.ZEN

Workspace management, reservations, space optimization.

  • CONVERGENCE - Smart office at Danone headquarters - Rueil

Interconnection of video systems : BELVEDERE

Federation of video protection resources on a territory.

  • RATP RTHD - SI high performance video in Paris 
  • PVPP - 1000 Camera Plan for Paris
  • CIVIP13 - Centralization of video streams in Marseille

Digital twins: SIMULATOR

Immerse your 3D and/or 2D operators in critical or complex situations, where they must combine business knowledge, current procedures and analytical skills to achieve operational goals.

  • DC Virtual One
  • Suez - Volt'Uve
  • SIAAP - Environmental data management
  • Schneider - Crane

Data Science as a service

Making sense of raw data and creating actionable information, by analyzing data to anticipate decision making, and by leveraging it with Machine Learning type technologies.

  • Observatoire de la Tranquillité Publique de la ville de Marseille 
  • Paris Data Science
  • UP Intelligent Parking / Vélizy-Villacoublay - Angers Loire métropole
  • SOITEC - Industrial process optimization

API platform

The PlatformAPI enables an organization's APIs to be exposed and access managed for all its entities, customers and external partners to share data or services.

  • 4 million requests per month
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