• Integration

    Unify interfaces:

    System integration
    API interoperability
    Specific developments
    BIM, EDM & Cyber

  • Hypervision

    Working with the existing :

    Data analysts

  • Valuation

    Creating value:

    Produce better
    Better consumption
    Better forecasting
    Respond better

  • System integration

    Have an integrated system that is perfectly adapted to the expectations of your operators/businesses, allowing the implementation of value-added use cases.

    Be able to address new uses over time, based on a scalable and interoperable digital foundation.

    Limit your risks and reduce your investments.

  • Services

    Benefit from support to guarantee the performance of your systems over time.

    Ensure third-party application maintenance.

    Upgrade your systems so that they always meet your needs and are based on "up to date" technologies.

  • Council

    Putting our experience and expertise in the field at the service of your questions regarding the digitalization of your business.

    To accompany you in the definition of value-added use cases within your businesses.

    Collaborate with your teams to translate your challenges into digital solutions.

  • Development of software bricks

    Benefit from specialists and their skills for the development of business applications (server, client, web, "heavy", mobile...).

    Have a pool of digital experts to help you secure your software development processes.

  • Cybersecurity

    To build with you the cyber security trajectory of your systems which is the most adapted to your stakes and your risks.

    Integrate technical solutions adapted to your challenges within your facilities.

  • Data Science

    Use raw data in ways other than statistical reporting.

    Optimize your business domains through the use of Data Science / Artificial Intelligence technologies.

    Anticipate situations and phenomena.

    Visualize data, calculation results, decision aids in a simple and graphic way.

    To be accompanied in the identification and determination of use cases to be implemented (identification of irritants and co-construction).

Our solutions
Our solutions

Carbon Shift

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Rachida, Business Manager at Equans France


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