• The challenges

    The Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) is a water-cooled, moderated pool-type experimental reactor with a neutron power of 100 MW:

    • High neutron flux irradiation experiments, aimed at improving or qualifying materials and fuels for current and future reactors;

    • Applications directed towards industry, medicine or research, including in particular the production of a significant quantity of radio isotopes for medical use, thus responding to public health issues.

  • The solutions

    • A response with partners who are experts in their fields (radiation protection and network) for a global offer

    • Design, studies and implementation of the radiological detection system for the RJH, consisting of 3 sub-systems: ambient and stack radiological monitoring, dosimetric monitoring and non-contamination monitoring of personnel and equipment

    • Technical solution, proposed with the support of a key subcontractor in the field of radiation protection, to ensure the compatibility of the beacons with the supervision of other CEA facilities