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Robotics Integration

As the architect of the robotised production facility, the integrator occupies a special place in the factory.

It is our firm belief that putting people at the heart of the factory, where they can show their true value, is important for the reindustrialisation and industrial transformation of France.

And we can do this by not pitting human against robot, but by having them work together in symbiosis.​​​​​​

Industrial robotics at the service of humans

The robotics integrator designs and adapts the environment, the robots and the equipment so that they are integrated effectively into the factory. The aim is to encourage harmonious collaboration at the service of and for the comfort of the men and women who work there.

"In recent years, during my discussions with our industrial clients, I have seen that as well as the traditional challenges of producing more and better, at a lower cost and with higher quality, we are now faced with very demanding societal challenges. I am now convinced that an innovative approach to the robotics integrator role is a powerful tool for the reindustrialisation of our country.”
Jean-Dominique Rousseau Director of the Centre for Robotics Expertise, EQUANS France

Robot’Ease Package, standard industrial robotics solutions

Robot’Ease Package is our range that optimises your industrial activities with flexible and profitable robotised solutions. Each standard solution adapts to your different needs (dimensions, production rates, etc.).

The EQUANS Robotics Lab

The mission of the Robotics Lab is to provide a meeting place for industrial robotics expertise in France. It has several mandates:

  • support manufacturers by bringing together a wealth of expertise through our partners, start-ups, colleges, etc.,
  • present robotised islands in situation,
  • co-construct with manufacturers and develop standard solutions via our applied research division.

The EQUANS Robotics Lab

With this tool, we hope to create a real ecosystem around industrial robotics in order to better support France’s reindustrialisation.

100% secure industrial robotics solutions and financing solutions for your industrial robotics project

To help manufacturers deal with cash flow issues, Equans France offers solutions on hire-purchase. All of our solutions are certified by the Veritas inspection body, which is at our side right from the design stage.

A look back at Robotics Week

From 7 to 10 July, the first ever Robotics Week took place: four days dedicated to Industrial Robotics at the service of humans, featuring expert round tables and virtual tours. During this digital event, our partners attended conferences and answered questions from attendees with the aim of facilitating the reindustrialisation of France.

Watch the conferences and Q&A sessions again!


Equans France works closely with a network of partners (robot manufacturers, storage solutions, certified control bodies). These partners contribute specific expertise, allowing Equans France to always offer its customers the best solution.

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