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Energy efficiency audit

A decision support tool

And you need to have an overview of your fleet's energy consumption!

Why not start with an energy audit?

Take stock of your energy consumption by carrying out an energy performance diagnosis. A real decision-making tool, an energy audit allows you to take stock of your current situation and to identify ways to improve your energy performance.

Are you subject to the implementation of the SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan) program?

The objective is to identify the energy consumption and use at a precise moment in the life of your vessel in order to establish a detailed and quantified action plan to improve energy performance. Proposals are made in terms of energy savings, gains and return on investment time.

Once validated, we deploy your energy optimization plan together. Save energy while improving comfort and air quality? 



Naval Group x Axima Marine

Energy audit on a FREMM

To carry out an assessment of the ship's energy consumption and use while identifying areas for improvement.

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Audit & energy performance

Optimize the energy performance of your ship

Vous souhaitez piloter la performance énergétique de vos navires pour mieux maitriser votre facture et réduire vos consommations ?

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