• First step

    Study and research of the eligibility of the project to the devices

    To help you handle the complexity and large number of funds available, Equans France studies the feasibility of your projects, such as robotised handling for your processes, the creation, modernisation or extension of your industrial sites or even investment in a technological project for reducing the greenhouse gases of your industrial site.

    We ensure that you are eligible for the subsidy based on various criteria:

    - The size of the facility
    - The amount of the investment
    - The amount of the expenditure base
    - The size of the company
    - The eligible expenses
    - The duration of the project
    - Applications for other public grants
    - The number of applications submitted by region

  • Second step

    Accompaniment and preparation of the grant application at your side

    Equans guides you through the design, preparation and assembly of your grant applications.

    - Identification of your need
    - Qualification of project eligibility for the different recovery plan funds
    - Introduction of an agile project mode
    - Distribution of the actions to be carried out
    - Timing of meetings to suit you
    - Guidance and advice on completing the application

  • Third step

    Realization of your project management of the works

    - A centralised team dedicated to decarbonisation: a centre for expertise in both carbon accounting and complex project management
    - Construction of bespoke offers for our clients
    - A project manager as the single point of contact for each customer, with all of Equans’ expertise at their fingertips to meet your requirements
    - A long-term commitment: our expertise and know-how mean that we can commit in the long term and guarantee the performance of our solutions

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