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France 2030 : The devices of the Recovery Plan

What measures are associated with the Industrial Recovery Plan?

Strategic Sectors

In order to support the aeronautics, automotive and nuclear industries - health industries / agribusiness / electronics / essential industry inputs (chemicals, materials, metals) / 5G telecommunications, the BPI Strategic Sectors fund supports investment and modernization in strategic sectors for the industry.

  • Creation of new production units or increase in existing production capacity
  • Modernization of existing production or development
  • Industrial scale implementation of technologically innovative processes.

In the sectors of health, agri-food, electronics, essential industry inputs and 5G.

  • Key date: Launch date 10/08/2020 - Close date 07/09/2021
  • Aid window: BPI France


Support for industrial investment in the territories.

Typology of projects concerned:

  • Projects with industrial dimensions, likely to start quickly and with strong socio-economic benefits for the territory
  • Creation, extension or modernization of industrial sites, productive tools, industrial training technical platforms, platforms and services for industrialists
  • Investment in tangible and intangible assets.


  • Key dates: launch date 1er September 2020 - closing date September 7, 2021
  • Aid window: BPI France + regional prefecture or regional council

Decarbonation Fund

Typology of projects involved:

  • Investment in an asset for energy efficiency or decarbonization of an industrial activity, among the 18 assets.

These eligible assets fall into 3 main families:

  • Force or heat recovery equipment
  • Material for improving the energy efficiency of appliances or facilities
  • Materials that emit less greenhouse gas, as an alternative to fossil-fueled equipment or processes.


  • Key dates: launch date November 12, 2022 - close date December 31, 2022
  • Support Window: ASP

Slaughterhouse Modernization Fund

The Slaughterhouse Modernization Fund is an aid for investments related to the animal industry. Projects addressing health safety and animal welfare are sought.

  • Key dates: Launch date December 15, 2020 - Closing date December 31, 2022
  • Aid window: FranceAgriMer

BCIAT 2021

Investment and operating support to support industry decarbonization CAPEX/Biomass boiler plant projects:

  • Following an energy-saving approach to various uses
  • With optimized sizing (limiting operation at reduced load rates)
  • Process decarbonization
  • Biomass boiler plant projects, following an energy conservation approach on the various uses with optimized sizing (limiting operation at reduced load rates)
  • Biomass supply plan ensuring proper operation of the facility while preserving the environment and existing uses
  • Efficient flue gas treatment system
  • Biomass projects to fuel manufacturing industries


  • Key dates: launch date May 17, 2021 - closing date October 14, 2021
  • Aid window: ADEME

Decarbonization of industry

Investment in a technology project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Call for projects to decarbonize processes and utilities in industry.

What devices are associated with decarbonization and energy efficiency?

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Typology of projects concerned: Investment in an industrial project concerning the process or utilities
  • Providing a primary energy efficiency gain
  • Enabling a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in teqCO2
  • Example: replacement of an industrial process or utility with more energy-efficient equipment, installation of heat recovery equipment with recovery of said heat.


  • Key dates: launch date March 11, 2021 - closing date May 17, 2021 / October 14, 2021
  • Aid Window: ADEME

Technology bricks & H2 demonstrator

  • Development of the French hydrogen industry
  • Decarbonization of the industry by bringing about the emergence of a French electrolysis sector, developing heavy hydrogen decarbonized mobility and supporting research.
  • Innovation and skills development to foster the uses of tomorrow. Technology bricks hydrogen demonstrator

Typology of projects involved:

  • Decarbonizing industry by bringing about the emergence of a French electrolysis sector, developing heavy hydrogen decarbonized mobility and supporting research.
  • Innovate and develop skills to foster tomorrow's uses.
  • Amount of subsidies: complementary to local and European aid, aid in the form of grants and repayable advances.


    • Key dates: launch date October 14, 2020 - close date December 31, 2022
    • Aid window: ADEME

    Territorial Ecosystems H2

    • Deployment of hydrogen ecosystems in territories
    • Hydrogen ecosystems in territories

    Typology of projects concerned:

    • Investment and exploitation of territorial ecosystems, combining in an integrated manner
    • Hydrogen production, distribution, and uses in a single territory
    • Hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure (target price
    • Mobility uses: notably acquisition of hydrogen vehicles in professional fleets
    • Stationary uses: port areas, ad hoc power supply, areas not interconnected to the electrical grid associated with dedicated electrical renewable energy production infrastructures.


    • Key dates: launch date October 14, 2020 - close date December 31, 2022
    • Aid window: ADEME

    Springboard for the ecological transition of SMEs

    The springboard for the ecological transition of SMEs supports projects for the acquisition of electric vehicles, waste reduction and management equipment, as well as support for ambitious building renovation work, studies on greenhouse gas emissions and corporate climate strategies...


    • Key dates: New session coming in 2022
    • Aid window: ADEME
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