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The industrial heat pump

The solution to reduce your energy consumption !


With the increase in gas prices, turning to more environmentally friendly industrial solutions is becoming necessary.


Axima Réfrigération offers innovative technological solutions that enable energy, financial and environmental savings. In the food or chemical industry where refrigeration and heating needs are essential, the implementation of heat recovery on refrigeration installations or on the process proves to be an efficient and sustainable solution; In addition to the classic heat pump solutions at 65°C, Axima Réfrigération offers innovative solutions that can produce up to 120°C and is committed to its customers regarding the energy performance of these solutions;

The issues

Axima Réfrigération accompanies you throughout your project

Why choose Axima Réfrigération


The hybrid heat pump with high technical and energy performance
• Very high temperature: hot water from 85 to 120°C
• Natural refrigerant
• Energy savings - Recovery and valorization of your waste heat



The simultaneous production of cold and heat to improve your energy efficiency.
• Thermo-fridge-pump
• Valorization of waste heat
• Up to 50% energy savings


The range of low carbon refrigerants for your environmental efficiency in refrigeration.
• Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
• Improvement of the carbon footprint



The availability and durability of your refrigeration equipment.
• Preventive maintenance and regulatory control
• Mechanical overhaul
• 24/7 assistance


Heat pumps are subsidized mechanisms via energy saving certificates, ADEME and France 2030 subsidies or European funds. Axima Réfrigération accompanies you on all the steps including with our financial partners.



The first hybrid heat pump in France, marketed under the name "GreenPAC" and developed in partnership with Hybrid Energy, was commissioned at the Compagnie des Fromages et RichesMonts (CF&R) site in 2018.
This innovative solution allows the production of hot water at very high temperatures. It is particularly suitable for applications between 85°C and 120°C.
It is called "hybrid" because it combines two distinct thermodynamic cycles: compression and absorption. The system uses a refrigerant: ammonia and an absorbent: water.
The properties of the water-ammonia mixture allow the production of hot water up to 120°C with an operating pressure of less than 25 bar. The system uses standard refrigeration equipment. At CF&R, the internal pressure of the GreenPAC is 20 bar instead of 60 bar for pure ammonia.


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