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Health safety: "Healthy boat" offer

Ensuring a healthy environment for viruses: an unavoidable challenge

How do we ensure a healthy environment to combat the spread of the virus in shared spaces such as buildings and boats? EQUANS has mobilized its experts to address this issue, which will be unavoidable in the coming months and years. Adapted to the specific context of each client, "Healthy Building" and "Healthy Boat" provide concrete answers to ensure that business continues in the greatest respect for health safety. These offers are based on HVAC, digital control and facility management solutions, for which EQUANS has a long and recognized expertise. Objectives: to improve indoor air quality, reinforce the effectiveness of barrier actions, help respect distancing and guarantee optimal disinfection of premises.


New solutions to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on ships

Today, solutions exist to fight biocontamination and improve IAQ. They require precise HVAC technical expertise in order to properly size them so that they are scalable and adaptable within a centralized installation. This is a major issue in a health crisis context, particularly in the confined spaces of ships, whether for defense or tourism.

Leader in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions in the marine field for more than 35 years, EQUANS offers custom-made solutions adapted to the equipment in place while meeting the requirements of shipowners and cruise lines (footprint, weight, energy consumption, etc.).

The "Healthy Boat" offer

Adaptable to the specific situations of each operator, the "Healthy Boat" offer includes, in particular, the cleaning and disinfection of Air Handling Units and fan coils as well as the adaptation of the design of HVAC-R technical rooms to integrate new virus-fighting equipment if necessary. These "plug and play" innovations are multiple: integrated UV-C lamps, photocatalytic oxidation chambers, high efficiency filters identical to those used in hospitals, electrostatic filtration, extraction fans.

The offering further includes modification of automation programs to incorporate a virus mode and, in case of emergency, the creation of medical zone. The HVAC then operates in "safety" mode and provides 100% fresh air treatment, pressure control and, if necessary, absolute filtration. This set of powerful solutions meets the needs of ship operators to enable them to ensure both the health safety of users and full operational efficiency of their facilities and equipment.

The "Healthy Building" offer

In addition to specific solutions to improve air quality in ships, EQUANS has developed numerous tools to ensure optimal health safety in the shared spaces of any type of building. Relying on digital piloting and facility management systems, the "Healthy Building" offer addresses the three major challenges facing buildings in the Covid-19 era.

Three major challenges for buildings in the Covid-19 era: A panel of concrete, personalized and scalable solutions