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Designer, integrator and operator of critical and secure communications solutions

Guarantee the dissemination and integrity of sensitive information while providing extensive, secure and reliable means of communication

In order to face today's threats, the Armed Forces must be able to rely on the availability and reliability of their information systems as well as their associated support networks in order to effectively coordinate and conduct their operations.
These critical communication networks and the associated technical infrastructures must be operational under all conditions. Ensuring their permanent integrity is a security issue. Critical communications must be discrete and protected (encryption solutions).


A range of solutions for the digital battlefield!

In the field of critical communications and intelligence, Ineo Defense covers a broad spectrum allowing to offer customers, a wide range of innovative solutions and services: from the design of mobile SATCOM antenna solutions, multi sensors (including electromagnetic and topographic intelligence), tactical data link, to the deployment and support of secure sensitive networks.

Covering wide frequency bands (VLF, LF, HF and SHF) and optimizing radio chains according to your performance requirements, Ineo Defense teams design, develop and integrate turnkey solutions for the transmission, analysis and processing of sensitive information. Our experience of more than 35 years in this field for the benefit of the armed forces, is the guarantee to offer you proven and operational solutions. Our expertise in electromagnetism and hyperfrequency combined with our multi-technical production means allows us to offer you integrated and customized solutions.

Provide you with robust communications regardless of the conditions and nature of your needs.

Our range of secure and highly available solutions

Infrastructure networks:
Deploy, operate and maintain high value-added network infrastructures (VoIP , IP...)

Long Distance Links (VLF to SHF):
design and build antenna systems - deploy sensitive communication networks

Theater Networks:
Design, integrate and deliver turnkey and secure solutions for tactical communications

Our references

They trusted us

Nos références

UM Socle Numérique X Ineo Defense - DGA

Our realisations

DGA x Ineo - STL

Nos références


Design and implementation of the first LOWPIM X-band SATCOM antenna systems including radomization


Nos références

RDIP-AIR (réseaux de Desserte Internet Protocol) / Contrat PPP

Trusting Ineo Defense for the management and transmission of your sensitive information is the guarantee of solutions :

The advantages of Ineo Defense

Global approach
A 360° approach to the security target: define and audit

Complementary expertise
Complementary expertise in our strategic business areas

Produce locally
Our team members and our production workshops: design, produce and assemble in France

National and international footprint

High security
A highly secure working environment capable of addressing defense markets, our technical and human resources meeting the requirements of secrecy protection (IGI 1300 - ANSSI level 2 or level 3).

Our innovation policy: a permanent watch and the animation of a network of innovative companies => Integration of AI in modules for video - Captive balloons.

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  • Radomes

    Today, the armed forces are investing heavily in the digitization of the battlefield to ensure technological superiority

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