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Smart City and Smart Regions

EQUANS embodies the desire to bring more sustainable solutions to cities and communities that are kinder to the planet and to the well-being of citizens, by putting excellence at the heart of its projects.

Centuries of experience

Full management of the value chain allows us to excel in public lighting, public peace of mind, mobility management and installation of electric vehicle charging points.

Bolstered by its centuries of experience, EQUANS works throughout the value chain, from design, installation, integration, maintenance and operation right through to financing.

Public lighting

A key player in public lighting in France with more than 800,000 lighting units renovated and remotely managed, EQUANS works with the regions and with businesses to construct bespoke lighting plans that are fit for purpose but that generate 80% energy savings.

Use case

A Bubble of Light for active mobility

schéma - bulle de lumière, éclairage public

Street lights adapt their brightness to the direction and speed of travel

Public lighting supports citizen travel dynamically and adds to the region's appeal.

Use case

Lighting in Lille

Lille éclairée

 Design, installation and maintenance by Ineo, a subsidiary of EQUANS.

Public peace of mind

No. 1 as a result of the 15,000 cameras installed and remotely managed, EQUANS provides more than 700 towns and cities in France with cutting-edge technology to make the regions safer and more attractive with tailored solutions. Assistance from artificial intelligence, supervision and hypervision tools helps operators and the police in their day-to-day missions.

Use case

Protection of public spaces

schéma stationnement intelligent

Mobility management

With an exponential growth in urban densification, cities and communities are faced with a number of challenges associated with management of mobility.
First of all, the regulation of flows in a secure manner while optimising the travel time of the different modes of transport sharing the same space. The development of alternative modes such as bicycles, scooters or segments calls for a rethink of public spaces.

Similarly, it is becoming essential to optimise vehicle flows to limit congestion. To rise to this challenge, we suggest adapting traffic lights to congestion data collected in real time by cameras and sensors.

Last but not least, the optimisation of resources and energies, necessary for decarbonisation of the regions, is of vital importance. Through our digital solutions, we offer cities and regions an overview of their equipment and the opportunity to better manage it. This in-depth analysis allows associated maintenance work to be monitored, but also enables the condition of assets to be observed and maintenance reports to be analysed.

Use case

Smart parking

schéma stationnement intelligent

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