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Residential sprinkler: the fire protection device arrives in France

The residential sprinkler arrival in France

Like its "classic" cousin, the purpose of the residential sprinkler is to detect the start of a fire, sound the alarm and contain the fire until the emergency services arrive. Still little known in France, the residential sprinkler is gradually arriving on the fire safety market for both collective and individual dwellings. With these numerous advantages, EQUANS France is developing these installations in establishments such as EHPAD for example. Presentation of this system.

What is a residential sprinkler?

Developed in the United States in the 1970s, residential sprinklers are now used worldwide. This equipment is gradually being introduced in France, although some countries such as Wales (for new buildings), Scotland and Norway have already made it compulsory. A cousin of the so-called "standard" sprinkler, the residential sprinkler is distinguished by its fire safety objectives, which are mainly related to improving evacuation conditions. While the purpose of the classic sprinkler is to protect property and people (ERP*), the residential sprinkler is primarily intended to protect people.

There are few classic sprinklers in the home, as their use is mainly reserved for the industrial sector, large-scale distribution, logistics, etc.

Even though residential sprinklers are rarely used in France, their effectiveness has been demonstrated in establishments open to the public, particularly those with sleeping quarters**. Thus, this device is installed in EHPADs, hotels, all or part of retirement homes.

pièce sprinkler résidentiel

The benefits of residential sprinklers

The residential sprinkler differs from its "classic" cousin in its use, but also in its composition. But what are the characteristics of this type of fire protection system?

The residential sprinkler is characterised by a very flat spray curve and a low operating pressure (approx. 0.5 B). Whether it is wall-mounted or pendant, it meets precise technical specifications such as the spacing between two heads or the maximum coverage area of the rooms to be protected. Thus, the residential sprinkler covers a larger protected area (37 m² maximum), allowing only one head to be installed per room. As an indication, a standard sprinkler for industry covers an average surface of 9 to 12m². In addition to a larger protection area, the residential sprinkler requires little water. Indeed, with its 4 heads in operation (i.e. 20 m³/h), it can be connected to town water.

CPVC system

Classic" sprinkler systems are mainly made of black, galvanised or stainless steel. In some cases, if the installation conditions of this type of network allow it, the residential sprinkler can be installed with a CPVC (thermoplastic polymer material) network.

EQUANS France certified residential sprinkler installer

EQUANS France will soon be installing a residential sprinkler system for an EHPAD in La Couronne in the Charente (16). This fire protection system will be put into operation during the extension of the building and will protect the corridors and the residents' rooms. The main priority is the protection of the residents in their respective rooms.

This will be one of the very first projects of its kind in France and marks a milestone in fire protection for private housing! EQUANS France is proud to contribute, through its expertise, to the implementation of innovative and economical fire protection solutions, resolutely focused on the comfort and safety of the occupants.