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Intelligent transport systems for innovative mobility

EQUANS France's mission is to provide state-of-the-art, reliable and innovative solutions to transit operators to improve passenger experience, operational efficiency, safety and maintenance. We have developed an intelligent transportation systems and services platform, a leading solution that enables transit operators to better manage their daily operations and better serve their riders;


Integrated technologies that meet your bus and rail needs

EQUANS France has developed a range of systems based on its unrivalled experience in the field of technical management of public transport;

Multimodal operations control (CAD, AVL and SAEIV)

The combined system of computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and automatic vehicle rental (AVL) offers the advantage of optimizing service performance, increasing reliability and enhancing passenger safety. Supervisory personnel can manage vehicles using connected devices and respond to all kinds of problems.

The system enables uninterrupted communication between the vehicles and the control center;
EQUANS France's Système d'Aide à l'Exploitation et à l'Information Passager (SAEIV) is a state-of-the-art dispatch offering and is at the heart of EQUANS France's Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) suite. It has been designed specifically for transportation operators whose personnel work with real-time transportation management tools to ensure and improve communication between their fleet and drivers. Its function is to make bus transport operations more fluid, from the dispatching of vehicles, in order to guarantee optimal management of daily operations, reduce costs and clarify communication with users. EQUANS France's Operation and Passenger Information System is fully mobile, as staff can access it from a tablet or a smartphone. Traffic control with our traffic control tools, maintain regular intervals between your vehicles;

SAEIV: Experience is the key

EQUANS France's SAEIV optimizes the passenger's experience with reliable real-time information. Our technology provides real-time traffic information and alerts through a variety of channels, including your website, mobile application, SMS and digital signals. Your drivers are informed about traffic conditions regardless of their location, thanks to a real-time notification system available via GTFS-RT and an open API;

EQUANS France systems optimize the passenger experience with reliable, real-time information

  • On-board infotainment

    With the new on-board infotainment system, messages are sent to vehicles in real time and provide passengers with quick-to-read and understand information for better orientation during their journey. This accurate and reliable information system, which can be activated on demand, improves the comfort of driving the bus or train.

  • Automatic Voice Announcements (AVA)

    Our AVA solution provides clear voice announcements before each stop and connection, as well as reminders of the current route and its direction, and alerts and warnings. Our system includes a speech recognition tool, which allows staff to create and edit announcements for all routes, remotely and in real time.

    You will be able to create arrival and departure announcements to be broadcast outside and inside your bus. You can also activate important service announcements, such as service changes, modified routes or weather announcements.

Put your data to work in strategic analysis and reporting

Now you can measure the performance of your fleet with key performance indicators. This helps you plan better service and identify areas for improvement.

We offer a range of reports that analyze on-time performance, driving, routing, stops and restarts, mileage, passenger counts and route schedules.

View all of these statistics at a glance or in detail to identify the most problematic routes, the worst performing drivers and more.

Automatic passenger counting

EQUANS France's Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) module enables transport operators to better evaluate and optimize their routes, assess vehicle loads, improve performance and simplify traffic reporting at local and national levels. The APC solution not only provides you with over 98% accurate data on the use of your services, but also offers you an innovative way to evaluate count data through 3D video.

EQUANS France's APC module is fully integrated with the SAEIV system, as it uses the same software as the electronic vehicle control unit for optimal compatibility.

Each APC sensor transmits the number of ascents and descents to the electronic control unit, which is then saved and cross-referenced with data on date, time, GPS, stop, route, interruption, etc.

Real-time vehicle occupancy is visible from the control center, allowing agents to react quickly when a vehicle reaches its passenger limit. In addition, this information is sent to the drivers on the mobile application via GTFS-RT, allowing them to know the occupancy rate of the next bus and ensure the physical separation of passengers. As for your passengers, they will avoid crowded buses thanks to this real-time information and travel safely, which will contribute to their confidence in public transport;

VoIP communications for public transport

Integrated with your SAEIV system, our VoIP solution offers you all possible radio features, such as group calls, private calls, emergency calls and alarms. Since it works with all carriers, you are free to choose the carrier you want for secure and reliable communications. Our solution has been designed specifically for public transport and will meet all your voice and data transfer speed requirements.

In addition, since it is limited to 100 MB per month, which is more than enough to cover your SAEIV and voice consumption, you will use less data than with a traditional plan.

With EQUANS France's VoIP module, transport operators can benefit from reliable, high-speed communications, while saving up to 50% compared to a traditional radio communication system.