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Information and communication technologies: deploying networks to make territories more intelligent

In order to increase their attractiveness, their autonomy and the quality of life of increasingly connected and demanding citizens, cities and regions are turning to technology to optimize their services. To make them "intelligent", EQUANS France positions itself as a solutions integrator.

Wireline and radio telecommunication infrastructures, facilities management and cybersecurity: the solutions we propose to design, finance, implement, operate and maintain bring together a wide range of expertise. Using cutting-edge tools that enable data to be gathered and cross-referenced, we create new services to meet the needs of tomorrow, throughout France, from urbanized areas to rural zones.


A holistic and reasoned approach to ICT

All the solutions offered by the Group are based on IT infrastructure: this is the common denominator of all our backup, storage, cloud and infrastructure offerings. From the analysis of the needs, strengths and weaknesses of a city or territory in terms of digital access for all, we offer our customers development strategies and infrastructures adapted to each need.

The acceleration of the digitalization of urban infrastructures and the rise of the Internet of Things (IOT) are opening the way to new solutions that are increasingly qualitative, but also increasingly complex. Aware of this major shift and the need for support for local authorities, EQUANS France has developed expert teams for these cutting-edge solutions and obtained the highest levels of certification from the main manufacturers and publishers of information systems infrastructures. In addition, thanks to a dedicated unit, the information infrastructures of the local authorities managed by the Group are supervised remotely, in real time and continuously, in order to be able to intervene proactively and correctively as quickly as possible in the event of an incident.

Expertise covering all needs


The Group offers a full range of solutions to meet the connectivity needs of territories, from installation to preventive and corrective maintenance of networks;

  • FTTH (Fiber To The Home) Wireline Networks ;
  • GSM (Global System for Mobile) radio networks 4G, 5G, Wifi ;
  • IoT (Internet of Things) low speed networks ;
  • Fiber optic networks in railway right-of-way (cable arteries) ;
  • Digital solutions: IT infrastructures, computer networks, outsourcing ;
  • Enterprise telephony, UCC, cybersecurity, hosted solutions;

The France Very High Speed Broadband (THD) plan, initiated in 2013, has enabled EQUANS France teams to support the French government in its ambition to cover the entire French territory with optical fiber, by creating 2,772,500 connections. Over the next few years, 500,000 new connections entrusted to EQUANS France will enable the deployment of 5G, the practice of teleworking on a large scale, and will be an asset for the competitiveness of companies, cloud usage and other online platforms.

EQUANS France's cross-functional expertise also enables it to deploy cybersecurity solutions and services in all sectors of connected cities and territories.


- EQUANS France leader in the integration of digital solutions
- Leader in Smart Buildings solutions
- 80% of communications take place inside buildings;

We have all the skills and certifications to deliver end-to-end solutions to our customers.
Hervé Mazarguil
Where fiber stops, radio networks take over, and at lower costs due to the difference in installation of this "invisible" technology.
Christophe Poulain

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