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Icomera Keeps Amtrak Midwest Passengers Digitally Connected Throughout the Journey

Midwest States invest in state supported rail initiatives to enhance the passenger experience.

July 27, 2022, BETHESDA, MD – EQUANS, through its subsidiary Icomera, has partnered with Amtrak on behalf of the Amtrak Midwest states (Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin) to keep Midwest service trains digitally connected throughout the journey and enhance the passenger experience.

Icomera was selected by Amtrak to install, maintain and monitor onboard mobile Internet service for 88 new Siemens “Venture” single-level passenger cars, which are jointly owned by the Midwest states and will be operated and contracted by Amtrak.

Amtrak Midwest boasts eight intercity passenger rail corridors that make connections to 67 Amtrak stations across the region. The recent growth in passenger rail travel is a strong indicator of the importance of train travel in maintaining a balanced transportation system and demonstrates the need for more investment in passenger rail.

Icomera continues to grow their direct partner role with Amtrak Statewide Partners across the United States to fulfill statewide technology initiatives. This project marks an expansion of the relationship with Icomera and Amtrak, which began in 2015, as one of the first North American customers to host the industry-leading, mobile connectivity platform on board a moving vehicle.

Passenger rail service links communities across the Midwest, attracting tourism and increasing mobility options for Illinoisans, while strengthening the local economy. Traveling by Amtrak is convenient and affordable with numerous amenities for passengers, including business services such as free Wi-Fi access.

Keeping Illinois passengers entertained and productive throughout the journey is one of the easiest ways to protect the onboard reputation and improve the onboard experience.

Extérieur de train Amtrak Midwest

Image : Amtrak Midwest Train Exterior

Connecter voyageurs ferroviaires

Image : Amtrak Midwest Train Interior