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EPSI, in collaboration with INEO E&S, equips French airports with the PSR radar system to secure PCZSAR zones

The French specialist in continuous wave radar surveillance systems has teamed up with INEO E&S, an Equans France company with expertise in the civil aviation sector, to meet the security needs of sensitive restricted areas PCZSAR at French airports.
After securing various OIV sites in the defense and energy sectors, industrial sites, and event protection, the intrusion detection radar system developed by EPSI once again demonstrates its capabilities and opens up a new field of application.

The first French airports equipped with PSR technology to secure their PCSZAR zones

Particularly dedicated to the parking of aircraft in airports and which may be crossed by the public, the PCZSAR zone is a monitored zone known as sensitive. Its security is akin to that of an Operator of Vital Importance (OIV), it is thus regulated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) and must be foolproof.
The collaboration between INEO E&S, expert in turnkey solutions for Civil Aviations and airports in France and internationally, and EPSI, through its radar technology designed to ensure the protection of sensitive sites, has enabled an efficient response to this critical need of French airports. As an expert in interoperability, INEO E&S was able to connect and integrate EPSI's radar with existing customer systems, including video solutions already in place (intrusion detection, alarm), in order to meet the airport's operational and security challenges.


"This is the first time that French airports have equipped their PCZSAR zones with continuous wave radar technology. This technology meets all the requirements of the airport sector, requiring 24-hour surveillance in all weather conditions.
Frédéric Chaumeil Director of EPSI