• The issues

    Study and develop the prototype of an "Alternative Generation" system to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by military bases on external operations (OPEX) thanks to the production of solar energy and the associated energy management

    Eco - Camps project, or how to reduce the environmental impact of OPEX:
    - reduce the dependence on fossil fuels of the projected forces with the use of renewable energy,
    - reduce the logistic weight and the associated human cost,
    - increase the autonomy of sites,
    - reduce operating costs and more generally the cost of ownership

  • The solutions

    Technico-operational study (ETO) on field electric generators in operation, in partnership with Ineo SCLE SFE

    Realization of the prototype "SE-FOB" (Smart Energy for Forward Operating Base) :
    - allowing to connect any generation and/or storage means on a single interface,
    - using renewable energies,
    - making regular measurements in the network,
    - applying the energy efficiency optimization algorithms developed by Ineo Defense