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Inauguration La Fabrique Numérique of the smart territory opens its in Angers

The Fabrique numérique du territoire intelligent has just opened its doors in Angers, with Christophe Béchu, Mayor and President of the Angers Loire Métropole local authority in attendance. A place for teaching and jointly building the services of tomorrow for a smart and sustainable territory, this Factory is a centre for sharing between citizens, the Angers Loire Métropole local authority teams and all of the project's partners.

A unique location serving local authorities

The Fabrique numérique local authority digital factory has the ambition of becoming a forum, a place for exchanges between all of the players. It brings together elected representatives, users, citizens, local authority officials and project partners with the aim of addressing three primary goals:

  1. Teaching people about uses, especially in terms of public lighting solutions, safety, digital twins and hypervisor systems;
  2. Providing highly operational training, for all of the teams committed in the field, thanks especially to awareness modules;
  3. Jointly building and supporting these new uses.

Immersion, prototyping, training

In addition to the solutions deployed across the territory, the inauguration of the Factory offers
the opportunity to provide a very real explanation of how the process for creating, implementing and deploying the innovative services offered to residents and public service users actually works.

Figures, pictures, explanations, the approach is truly a learning one that is based on real-life illustrations. With events and workshops, it is now possible to understand the mechanisms for moving from an idea to its implementation in the field. Parking, access to information on healthcare services available in the greater Angers area, are so many issues that are covered at the Factory.

Jointly built with the local authority and the partners, the tools made available at the Factory serve to better understand the entire smart territory project and the benefits that flow from the deployment of digital technologies.

A hybrid, innovative and modular location, the The Smart Territory Digital Factory is a novel location that contributes to developing and accelerating the project that was initiated two years ago now. With all of their partners, Angers Loire Métropole is proud to be writing a new page in urban innovation serving the environmental transition.
Christophe Béchu Minister delegated to local authorities, Mayor of Angers and President of the Angers Loire Métropole local authority

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