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Air & space

Customer challenges and needs

Our clients are faced with the challenge of managing the space environment and developing observation, intelligence, surveillance and control capacities in air space. To address these issues of national sovereignty, aviators need reliable partners in order to get reliable information and operational equipment and to act effectively.

A preferred partner of large government clients and industrial project managers, Equans, through its specialist subsidiary Ineo Defense, designs, implements and deploys information and communication systems appropriate to the needs of Defence and national security, from expression of the need through to operational maintenance and intelligence. We also help to implement availability contracts with performance agreements for aircraft (commitment to flight hours), equipment or combat systems, or even for the management of consumables and/or repairs.

Our activities

Critical communication and information

Designer of solutions at the service of information:

  • Study, design and execution of long-distance connections (VLF to SHF);
  • Strategic intelligence.

DGA - UM Socle Numérique X Ineo Defense

Development of the DESCARTES-STCA transit system.

Modernise the air traffic control communication network of the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Environment safeguarding

Designer of solutions guaranteeing the security target

Design, manufacture and refurbishment of composite parts and hyperfrequency radomes


AIR X Ineo Defense

Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of on-board radomes on the Mirage.

Provide protection without altering the performance of hyperfrequency systems.


THALES X Ineo Defense

Design and qualification of radomes for the Rafale

Protect the operative systems of the jewel of the French Army, the “Rafale”

Fleet and equipment management

A global solution for your operations::


  • Operational maintenance of complete aircraft or availability contracts with performance commitment (available flight hours)
  • Logistics management
  • Special transport system management

DMAé for the French Air Force X Ineo Defense

Management of a fleet of DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft

Guarantee the availability of 5 Twin Otter series 300 DHC-6 aircraft belonging to the French Air Force.

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Air & space

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