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To commit troops on the ground in a constantly changing environment, heads of unit and military commanders need efficient equipment and reliable data, allowing them to make the right decisions when it really matters. Their mission is crucial. They need to ensure the effectiveness of their actions and the personal safety of infantry on the ground.

In light of these requirements, EQUANS, through its specialist subsidiary Ineo Defense, designs, produces and deploys information and communication systems tried and tested by soldiers on foreign operations or on French soil. We are also involved in the implementation of a single platform for management of consumables (batteries and tyres) and/or management of equipment repairs.

Our activities

Critical communication and information

Designer of information solutions:

Operative intelligence (topographical and meteorological)


DGA x Ineo Defense

Development, acquisition and support of Mobile Topography Systems

Quick, real-time provision of a faithful overview of the terrain to prepare for an operation.



Design, development and supply of an ultra-light, portable Electronic Warfare sensor – SUP

Management of sensitive environments and ability to make the right decisions at the right time.

Environment safeguarding

Designer of solutions guaranteeing the security target:

Joint support: multi-technical maintenance, energy supplies; energy performance contract

Securing of sites and operational systems:


Army x Ineo Defense

Supply of 16 Mobile Water Treatment Facilities (STEMs)

Produce and distribute drinking water, completely independently and using natural sources.

Opérations Sensibles

Intégrateur de solution globale au service de vos opérations :

  • Contrat de performance avec engagement de disponibilité des moyens opérationnels sur l’ensemble d’un équipement ou de systèmes ;
  • Gestion logistique et d’approvisionnement pour la disponibilité des matériels et des réparations ; (PPB et transports spéciaux)
  • Soutien au déploiement opérationnel

Opérations Maintien de la Paix (OMP) x Ineo Defense

Soutien au déploiement en missions opérationnelles

Proposer aux pays souhaitant participer aux OMP sur le continent africain une offre, avec des services sur-mesure et la fourniture d’équipements requis par l’ONU.


SIMMT X Ineo Defense

Approvisionnement de pneus, piles, batteries du parc de véhicules de la Défense

Prestation de service global : de l’approvisionnement, au stockage, distribution et valorisation des pièces de rechange

For further

Building the defense of tomorrow

Pushing further the limits of our knowledge in order to imagine the products and services of tomorrow, our “Innovation” department works on a permanent quest for perfection that permeates all our businesses.


Innovation and Research & Development

Our references

They trusted us


Armée de terre x EQUANS - SIGUANE


Armée de terre x Ineo Defense - STEM

MBDA x Ineo Defense - IMPC

Our realisations

Opérations Maintien de la Paix (OMP) x EQUANS

Our realisations

SIMMT x Ineo Defense - PPB

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Security & Infrastructure


Air & space


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